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Though the atmosphere on board the Bark EUROPA is very relaxed and there is little hierarchy there are some offical jobs on board. There are two officers on board: the captain and 1st mate. Next to them a bosun, cook and cooksmate, barhand, engineer and last but not least a number of deckhands populate the ship. We are very pleased that the ship enjoys the company of a very international crew, below you can find the names and nationalities of the crew who are now on board. 

The Europa Crew

Klaas Gaastra
Captain (NL)
Ships Dog (NL)
Marianne van der Staay
Cook (NL)
Jelte Hibma
First mate (NL)
Sophie Baviere
2nd Mate (FR)
Ed Schoot
Engineer (NL)
Krista Swedberg
Bosun (US)
Natalie Razavi
Deckhand (UK)
Sasha Borggrefe
Cook's mate (NL)
Will Armstrong
Deckhand (AU)
Peder Smith
Deckhand (NO)
Anna Jensen
Deckhand (DNK)
Brian Harrison
Deckhand (SA)
Collette Furey
Barhand (IRL)
Sanne Muller
Ships doctor (NL)
Deborah Robertson Andersson
Deckhand (SA)
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The Office Crew

Leentje Toering
Leoni Heuvelman
Sales and Marketing
Liza de Kurver
Sales and Marketing
Nina Jolink
Sales and Marketing
Iefke Morris
Sales and marketing
Liza & Leentje

Working on board EUROPA

EUROPA only has a small crew and we get new applications every day. To increase your chance to become a crewmember in the future we recommend you to book a voyage on board as a trainee/guest first. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know the ship and crew. This makes it easier to estimate how you would experience a several months long stay on board. Of course this is also a good way for captain and crew to get to know you and your skills and talents.

Keep in mind that our crew schedule is made months in advance, so it is not possible to join our professional crew on short notice. For both paid and volunteer crew it is their own responsibility to arrange a valid medical certificate, seamans book and valdi passport (ID-card is not sifficient), before embarkation. Furthermore we only take experienced crew on board during our Antarctica season. 

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