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Though the atmosphere on board the Bark EUROPA is very relaxed and there is little hierarchy there are some offical jobs on board. There are two officers on board: the captain and 1st mate. Next to them a bosun, cook and cooksmate, barhand, engineer and last but not least a number of deckhands populate the ship. We are very pleased that the ship enjoys the company of a very international crew, below you can find the names and nationalities of the crew who are now on board. 

The Europa Crew

Klaas Gaastra
Captain (NL)
Sophie Baviere
1st Mate (FR)
Marianne van der Staay
Cook (NL)
Diven Mohanlall
Engineer (SA)
Enguerrand Berger
Deckhand (FRA)
Amelke Fortuin
Barhand (NL)
Amélie Marchand
Valentin Ritter von Zumbusch
Aske Jensen
Deckhand (DK)
Beth Hitchcock
Deckhand (GBR)
Jordi Plana Morales
Guide (ES)
Rudi von Bartheld
Shipsdoctor (NL)
Sarah Loman
Assistent cook
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The Office Crew

Leentje Toering
Liza de Kurver
Crew and sales
Nina Jolink
Friends of EUROPA, sales and science
Kobus Christianen
HR & logistic
Pilou Ronchetti
Liza & Leentje