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How to book

Whether you need some time to decide before you book your voyage or if you wish to book straight away the voyage you have always dreamt about, both options are possible. With an optional reservation we can block a berth for you for two weeks without any obligations. Click on the orange buttons to make an optional reservation or to make a firm booking.

Optional reservation

If you are interested in a specific voyage and you cannot decide immediately or if you have to make any necessary arrangements we can block a bunk for you for two weeks. That way you will have some time to decide without the risk of losing your berth. Please let us know in which voyage you are interested and how many bunks (male or female) you would like to block and if you prefer a 2-person cabin (can only be booked by couples or duo’s) or a bunk in a 4/6-person cabin. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your optional reservation.

Make an optional reservation

Make a firm booking

When you have decided on the voyage you wish to book, you can make a firm booking by completing the booking form on our website or by downloading the form and returning it to our office via email.

Make a firm booking or download the booking form

On the booking form we ask you for your personal details, like a passport number, date and place of birth. We need these details to make the necessary crew lists for immigration purposes. Additionally, we need a fully completed health statement with details about medicine dosages and medicine names. This information will be used to get a first insight in your overall fitness and health and determine any possible risks of sailing in a remote area. Of course, all details will be treated confidentially.

After receipt of our booking form, we will process your booking as soon as possible. Your booking is confirmed after receiving a booking confirmation and a corresponding invoice from the Ships office. Our payment conditions and bank details to make a bank transfer are mentioned on the invoice. We unfortunately don’t accept credit card.

Health statement

A voyage is enjoyed fully when you feel strong, fit and comfortable on board! Therefore, medical health and fitness is really important when sailing. Strength in your legs and arms are needed to be able to make your way on the ship. When we are several days of sailing away from the inhabited world, it is important to realize that extensive medical care is not available. 

Are you 65 years old or over at the time of sailing? We kindly ask you to fill in the additional health statement that needs to be signed by your physician/general practioner. While booking a voyage, you can email the document to: This statement will be discussed by our ships doctors to make a final decision, based on safety, fitness and health, together with our captains and shipping office.

Age restrictions 73 and over

The current worldwide situation made us revise our policy on various of our heaviest sailing voyages. This means that after careful deliberation with our medical team we have decided that our remotest and heaviest voyages (all Antarctica expeditions and ocean crossings) won't be available for voyage crew of the age of 73 or over due to medical safety for everyone involved.

This means that we happily welcome all voyage crew of the age of 73 or over on our coastal voyages, but not on the Antarctica expeditions and ocean crossings. We hope this will help create more clarity on the possibilities for our voyage crew of the age of 73 and over and help the ship not to have to make very difficult decisions whether or not to decline a passenger for their dream voyage when they are already on board during a test trip. We hope the coastal voyages will still be a beautiful opportunity to experience life on board EUROPA!

Changed terms and conditions regarding COVID-19

Because we sail to very remote areas and medical help can be far away, we have to minimalize the risk of getting COVID-19 on board. Our booking and embarkation policy will therefore be stricter than usual to create a safe and responsible environment on board. Keeping a 1,5 meters distance on board is not realistic. The only way to minimalize our risks to COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of everyone on board is to only allow guests on board who have been fully vaccinated. We will ask our guests to show proof of these vaccinations before travel.  

Because we understand that some of you might not have received their vaccination yet and don’t know if they will be fully vaccinated in time for their voyage, we will offer you certain financial solutions regarding the booking process. We will offer a full money-back guarantee for the upcoming voyages (until the last Antarctica voyage of the season 2021/22) if you haven't received your vaccination(s) in time for the voyage, if you have been unlucky to get COVID-19 or are unable to travel due to travel restrictions because of COVID-19. Please note that the full refund guarantee applies only to your voyage fee paid to Bark EUROPA in case of COVID-19 related issues. For all other non-COVID reasons to cancel, the usual terms and conditions apply and we advise you to look into travel and cancellation insurances.

Confirmation and invoice

After receipt of your booking form, positive assessment of your health statement and a check on availability we will process your booking. This is done by hand and with great care. In some cases, we might get back to you with additional questions on your health status or medication when our ships doctors ask for it. It therefore might take a few days before you receive your confirmation and invoice. On the invoice all necessary details for payment are mentioned.

Once we have received the voyage fee, the preparations can begin! We'll add you to the community page, where all guests of the trip can introduce themselves and where you can find more information about details of the trip, how to prepare, what to take with you or what not. Should there be any further questions regarding these documents, please let us know!