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Over the years, Bark EUROPA has made many friends, with whom we keep in touch through social media or encounter while sailing to many ports. Your support is very appreciated, whether it is through sponsoring youngsters, simply sharing experiences about Bark EUROPA or helping the ship to fund her maintenance! In the end, we all want the same: to keep the EUROPA wandering the oceans for many more years. Therefore, the Friends of EUROPA fund is established and you can help! 

In 2017 and 2018 a dream became reality for Lotte, Matthijs, Douwe, Maurits, Pien, Irene and Daniel with the help of the Friends of EUROPA fund. These youngsters from our homeport The Hague, The Netherlands made an adventure of a lifetime sailing on board Bark EUROPA from Cape Town to different places of the world. 

After the success of last year, one of our loyal friends, Kees Gerritse decided to give us again a very generous donation. This year in April 2019 the next youngsters will embark on board Bark EUROPA to sail from Cape Town to the Azores and from the Azores to Scheveningen. Hopefully we will be able to further extend his initiative of making it possible for youngsters to sail with us! Please read further here.

Being a Friend of EUROPA, you not only support young trainees but also the ship in her existence in the coming years. By signing up as a Friend or by making a single donation you can help us to build a new skylight in the upcoming future. Please read further here.

Captain Klaas Gaastra: “I know for sure that the Friends of the EUROPA fund is something that will be supported by many former guests. This initiative, started by two of our former trainees, is like a crown on all the hard work and effort put in by all crew and office staff to keep the ship sailing over the seven oceans of the world.”  

“I have been involved with EUROPA since 1993. What we believed to be possible at that time has, over the years, also become reality. For this I am grateful to many people and not in the last place to all people who gave this beautiful ship this future by making one or more sailing trips on EUROPA.

Every year, crew and shipping office are working on adding new traditional jewelry to EUROPA in addition to the maintenance work. These can be small or larger attributes and one of the larger eye catchers that we would like to donate to our beautiful lady is a classic authentic skylight on the poop deck.

It would be nice if everyone who has unforgettable memories of Bark EUROPA makes a small contribution to make the poop deck of this more than 100 years old beauty complete.”