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Over the years, Bark EUROPA has made many friends, with whom we keep in touch through social media or encounter while sailing to many ports. Your support is very appreciated, whether it is through sponsoring youngsters, simply sharing experiences about Bark EUROPA or helping the ship to fund her maintenance! In the end, we all want the same: to keep the EUROPA wandering the oceans for many more years. Therefore, the Friends of EUROPA fund is established and you can help! Read more on the website of the foundation

Passing the knowledge on

Bark EUROPA is home to some of the most knowledgeable tall ship sailors in the world and by bringing young people with an interest in sailing on board we can pass that knowledge on to the younger generation. The Friends of EUROPA help us fulfill that mission.

Fund a maintenance project

The Friends of Bark EUROPA not only focus on funding trainees, but also on contributing to keep the ship in shape. Bark EUROPA was built in 1911 and while still being a strong old lady, she nevertheless needs a lot of care and maintenance. As a friend, you can help to keep the EUROPA wandering the oceans for many years to come.