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The best way in which you can support the EUROPA and keep her sailing around the world is by spreading the word about her voyages. By telling your story about your voyage you can serve as a source of inspiration for other to join the adventure. We are very interested in your review, either good or bad, what we can do to improve our sailing voyages or what you liked best on your voyage

reviewed on 10/12/2018
Total sailing experience

What a marvellous experience I had on this trip. The ship was incredible and the crew were so helpful for those of us who had never sailed on a square rigger before. It was good to meet new people and to get to know the other voyage crew members, there were 13 different nationalities onboard all of whom experienced their own personal adventure. We swam near the equator, saw dolphins, whales, flying fish and albatross and had perfect sailing weather for most of the trip. A small niggle was that a number of our more experienced fellow male voyage crew were a bit over zealous when it came to rope handling or sail setting and maybe the initial briefing could make it clearer about allowing everyone the opportunity to be involved rather than those who mostly pushed themselves forward. I would absolutely recommend an ocean voyage on Europa to anyone looking for a special experience, I can’t wait to do another trip!

Caren Adams
reviewed on 07/12/2018

The whole trip was just amazing. From the crew to the food to the ship. It was my second voyage on The Europa and would happily do a third. I would however recommend if I may that perhaps a word to everyone at the beginning of each leg about not taking ropes off or pushing in in front of female crew members. We are there too for the whole experience not just to paint our nails. Every member of the female voyage crew experienced this and some of the crew as well. I did point this out to the Captain who took this on board immediately and spoke to her crew for which I was very thankful.

Tracey Abbots-Darbyshire
reviewed on 28/11/2018
best trip ever

just wanna thank everybody, was a amazing trip. good fun,good people,good food,good sailing.

peter pauwels
reviewed on 18/11/2018

It was a amazing voyage!!! The crew were wonderful in helping us with everything and dear Rensje was absolutely amazing! I think that for a training ship she is handled very well and the organization was great. Capt. Janke is a wonderful captain and also did a superb job of wrangling the 40 plus landlubbers and keeping a ship shape ship! Thank you to everyone for all the love and effort that goes into these beautiful vessels.

Willow Ryan
reviewed on 17/10/2018
Great trip on a beauty of a boat

We had an amazing trip - the sailing was good, the crew were lovely and the dolphins performed for us regularly. You have to like people on this trip as the ship is pretty crowded - but that's a small part of it. Go a trip. You know you want to!

Jan Broderick
reviewed on 09/10/2018
Great time

We had a fabulous time in these 12 days, windy and not so windy weather (but eah, who can say they took a swim in the Biscay), good fun with the crew and fellow sailors and in addition we learnt a lot