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Looking for career opportunities?

Interested in joining our crew, expedition guides or office team? It is good to know that Bark EUROPA only has a small crew and thus in general not many job openings. The route on becoming a crewmember will depend on your professional sailing experience.

Current job openings

Become a crewmember

Experienced crew

  • If you are an experienced crewmember on tall ships we look forward to receiving your application and CV/resume by email on Useful information to include into your letter: experience, availability, motivation, education/certificates (also non-sailing).
  • We expect an experienced (deck)crewmember to have at least a valid passport, medical certificate for seaman and a Basic Safety Certificate, preferably also a Rating. You are fluent in English, the primary language on board.
  • It is good to know that as a new crewmember you will start with a 4-6 weeks volunteer period in which you will meet the crew and experience the ship. It also gives us some time to get to know you as well. After these weeks a future planning can be made.
  • Only crew with prior Europa experience is scheduled for Antarctica expeditions

For more information, please contact us at

Volunteer crew

Bark Europa is a sail training vessel offering active sailing voyages, but we do not only teach our guests/voyage crew. We also have limited opportunities for volunteers to gain experience on board as being part of the permanent crew and start a career at sea. To give them the best training experience, we only take one or two volunteers with us at the same time.

  • If you have not sailed on board Bark EUROPA before and are aspiring to become a crew member we recommend you to book a voyage on board the ship first. This way you can experience life on board and get a good impression what sailing on Bark EUROPA is like. This also enables you to meet the crew and experience if working on board as crew member is something you wish to pursue. Of course, this is also a good way for captain and crew to get to know you, your skills and talents.
  • Do mention on board or to the shipping office that you aspire to become a crewmember, but keep in mind that our crew is planned months in advance and your next sailing opportunity might be several months away.
  • If you are selected for the adventure to join our permanent crew, a volunteer period of 3 months will follow. You will have to arrange your own flight tickets to and from the ship. Before embarkation you will arrange a medical certificate for seaman. Training a new crewmember takes time and this way you can also experience if such a long period at sea is something for you.
  • We expect a new crewmember to be enthusiastic and open to learn and experience. You are fluent in English, the primary language on board. You aspire to not only join us for a first 3-month volunteer period, but to be available for 2 additional terms of 3 months each.
  • Please note that we don't sail with volunteers during our Antarctica season.

For more information, please contact us via

Expedition staff

If you would like to be considered as expedition guide, please contact us via

  • We will ask for a degree and work experience in subjects relevant to Antarctica, ocean sciences or special field knowledge. Experience with small boat driving (zodiacs) is recommended and of course we are interested to hear about any prior sailing experience.
  • You will have to be fluent in English and communication skills are key. Enthusiastically sharing your knowledge with the guests, looking for ways for our guest to actively participate in research and making our guests feel like king of the world are a main focus of being part of the expedition staff.
  • You will be working 24/7 in a small team and as Bark Europa will need to adjust her program to the weather conditions, flexibility will also be a key feature of being a good expedition guide. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ships doctors

If you would like to be considered as volunteer ships doctor, please contact us via We are particularly interested in those who already have experience with remote working conditions, emergency medicine, have already sailed as ships doctor before or work as a general practitioner and have a love for the ocean and people. As ships doctor you are part of the permanent crew and are also taking part in all the general work to sail Europa. Guests and crew alike join hands to sail Bark Europa across the seas.


From an office ship in the city centre of Rotterdam, a small team of 4 arranges everything that's needed for Bark EUROPA to cross the oceans. From bookings to orders of spare parts, from crew planning to marketing. At the moment we have no vacancies for our office team.