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Explore our FAQs to find answers to all your questions about Bark Europa's unforgettable sailing expeditions. Discover voyage details, booking information, and more. Set sail with confidence! Can't find the answer to your question below? Please contact our office at

Pacific Voyages & Cape Horn Rounding

  • How to book

- The Pacific voyage are open for bookings  
- We ask you to complete the booking form on our website at the time of opening, . We will not accept handwritten/printed and scanned versions. 
- All bookings and optional reservations should be made individually. Only booking forms that include full personal details and health statements will be processed.
- Complete booking forms and health statements have priority over optional reservations. We will first process the complete bookings and then continue with the optional bookings.
- Two person cabins are only reserved for bookings of two persons and can't be booked by single bookers unless they pay for a full cabin (2 persons).
- We will not have a waiting list. Instead, we have a separate mailing list to keep you up to date on the availability. All sailors that show interest will be added to this mailing list.
- The Cape Horn rounding sailing expedition will open for bookings later this year.

 As our bookings are processed by hand, we kindly ask for your patience as it may take longer than usual to receive a confirmation or invoice. We aim to let all sailors know by email within two weeks if we have been able to block a berth for them.

  •  Is a PDF booking form considered valid for bookings? 

We kindly ask all sailors to complete the booking form on our website when it opens (September 25, 12:00 CEST). We will not accept handwritten, printed, or scanned versions. If you send us a PDF booking form via email, we will ask you to complete your booking by filling out our online booking form.

  • Can I combine multiple voyages?

You are more than welcome to book more than one voyage across the Pacific. However, please keep in mind that there is a maximum stay of approximately three months on board. After this period, it's a good idea to disembark, stretch your legs, rest, and explore the local surroundings where you leave the ship. 

When departing from Ushuaia or Talcahuano the maximum time to stay on board is until Fiji

When departing from Easter Island the maximum time to stay on board is until New Caledonia.

Please note that you will need to arrange accommodation ashore between the voyages unless otherwise stated. For more information on combining multiple voyages, please contact our office, and we will explore the possibilities together. 

  •  Do I need to submit two booking forms for a combined voyage?

You do not need to submit two booking forms for a combined voyage. In the 'Remarks' section of your booking form, please indicate which voyages you would like to combine.

  • Should I submit a separate booking form for a second preference?

You do not need to submit a separate booking form for a second preference. In the 'Remarks' section of your booking form, please indicate which alternative voyage(s) you would like to join. This can help us accommodate your preferences in case your first choice is unavailable.

  • Will Europa be visiting Australia or New Zealand?

 While navigating the Pacific, our primary focus is on visiting remote islands with unique traditions and breathtaking landscapes. We will immerse ourselves fully in the local cultures of each island we visit. While Australia and New Zealand are not on our itinerary this year, we hope to welcome our Australian friends on board for the unforgettable Pacific adventures.

  • What will be the next voyage after New Caledonia?

After our exploration of the wonders of New Caledonia, our next adventure takes us southeast as we set course for the ultimate sailing voyage, rounding Cape Horn to return to South America. This particular voyage will require fit and hardworking individuals on board to attempt an official Cape Horn rounding, from 50 degrees south in the Pacific to 50 degrees south in the Atlantic Ocean. This voyage is also open for bookings. 

  • Do you have a day-to-day schedule?

When we cast off the mooring lines, we will follow the winds and currents to explore the crystal blue waters and bountiful nature the remote Pacific islands have to offer. The captain will consult the local conditions and weather charts to determine the most ideal route

  • What is the age restriction for these voyages?

 Being fit and health is extremely important when undertaking a voyage on a sailing and moving vessel in remote areas where no extra medical care is available. Safety is our number one priority. In addition to the health statement in the booking form, we ask our sailors aged 65 and over to submit a statement signed by their physician. This can be found here. Our Pacific voyages are not available for sailors of 73 years or older.

  • Is a COVID vaccination required for these voyages?

In consultation with our team of ship doctors, we have changed the COVID vaccination requirement into a strong recommendation. Living in close quarters on board can facilitate the spread of viruses. To ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow sailors, we highly recommend being fully vaccinated against COVID before embarking on your voyage, although it is no longer a requirement. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to stay informed about and comply with the travel and COVID-related requirements of the countries we will visit before, during, and after the voyage. If you choose not to be vaccinated and the places we intend to visit make COVID vaccination a requirement, any cancellation costs incurred will be your own responsibility.

  • Are swimming and snorkeling included in the voyages?

We will have regular swim stops during the voyages, and we recommend that you bring your snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world. We are also exploring local partnerships for optional excursions, please note that these are not included in the voyages and may be offered as separate packages later on.

  • Can I bring a drone on board?

No, drones are not allowed on board EUROPA. While they offer incredible perspectives, they can pose risks & safety concerns for other guests, crewmembers, and potentially disrupt the ships' operations. 

  • What about using underwater cameras?

Please be aware that regulations for the use of underwater cameras vary per location. Familiarize yourself with local rules to ensure responsible photography during your voyage.

Cape Horn Rounding

  • How to become an official Cape Horn sailor?
    To achieve the status of an official Cape Horn sailor, several criteria must be met:

    A continuous sailing journey of at least 3000 miles, without using the motor, is required from 50 degrees south in the Pacific Ocean to 50 degrees south in the Atlantic Ocean. It is impossible to predict in advance whether successfully rounding Cape Horn is feasible.

    The captain, crew, and guests must work together as a team, demonstrating perseverance and active involvement in the watch system to meet this significant challenge. To become an official Cape Horn sailor you need to actively participate and the captain must confirm this at the Cape Horn foundation. 

    Ultimately, the outcome hinges on the whims of the weather gods. If there is a prolonged period with insufficient wind along this extensive route, it might be necessary to use the engines to avoid jeopardizing EUROPA’s plans after this expedition, however, we will do the best we can to obtain the certificate!

  • What will the booking procedure look like?
    Given the intensity of this journey, we have implemented a slightly stricter booking procedure. Fitness is of great importance and this adventure is exclusively suitable for experienced and physically fit sailors. Upon receiving your booking form, we will ask potential sailors to answer additional questions and complete a health form to be signed by your physician. We will also inquire about your previous sailing experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. This adventure demands endless endurance, both physically and mentally.

  • Do I need prior sailing experience to join the Cape Horn voyage?
    While it is not an absolute requirement, having some familiarity with extended sea journeys is highly recommended. This way you can also better estimate whether you suffer from seasickness and how you would deal with longer periods without anything around you but the ocean.

    Every participant on this voyage plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of the rounding of Cape Horn. Please note that this trip is not for the faint of heart, as it will be challenging, long days at sea, rough, and under extreme weather conditions.
  • Are there any specific physical fitness or health requirements that I should meet before booking?
    It's very important to bear in mind that once at sea, there won't be access to extensive health care or immediate medical assistance. Therefore, being in good physical health and having a certain level of fitness becomes even more vital to ensure your – and everyone’s else – safety and well-being on board.

    We will ask potential sailors to fill out an extensive health form and answer questions about their fitness level, which has to be signed by their physician in order to be able to estimate the level of fitness and ensure that everyone on board is adequately prepared for the journey. 

  • Are there age restrictions or physical requirements?
    The age restriction for this voyage isn’t different than other ocean crossings and expeditions. Sailors of the age of 73 and over, unfortunately, can't join us on the Cape Horn rounding, but they are more than welcome to apply for future coastal voyages.

    Our Cape Horn voyage is an exhilarating challenge, demanding much from our crew – watchkeeping, climbing the rigging, and mastering the sails, all in the face of extreme sailing conditions. As we journey to Cape Horn, we'll conquer a variety of weather challenges, and active participation is the core of this expedition.

    Therefore we always aim to ensure that there will be a nice range of ages and nationalities. It is precisely this division that provides interesting conversations on board, between the youngest among us and the older guests. We expect a lot of interest from all over the world for the Cape Horn rounding, especially from voyage crew who have reached the age of 60+. However, please note that our available spots for sailors in this age group are limited.

  • Landing fees 
    All our voyage fees are excluding landing fees. If a voyage will have additional landing fees these will be invoiced at a later stage. For the Cape Horn voyage, there exists a tiny chance that we will have time to explore the Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas, this is not a guarantee, if we do have the opportunity the landing fees will be invoiced after the voyage or added to your barbill.

Antarctica voyages

  • When do bookings for the next Antarctica season open?
    The Antarctica season 2024/2025 will be open for bookings later this year. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. 

  • Will there be a Cape to Cape voyage in 2024?
    After the next Antarctica season, there won't be a Cape to Cape. Instead, we will cross the Pacific via the west coast of South America.

  • How much does one of the Antarctic voyages cost?
    The prices of the Antarctica voyages change per season. The prices for the 2023/2024 season can be found on our sailing schedule.

General information

  • Can I join a sailing voyage as a solo traveler?

    Yes! As a solo traveler, you are more than welcome to participate in a sailing trip aboard the EUROPA. Many of our guests are individual adventurers seeking new experiences and the opportunity to form new friendships during the journey. Our crew and fellow passengers create a close-knit community, ensuring that you will quickly feel at home on board. So, when traveling alone, you can definitely enjoy the camaraderie and unique experience of sailing on the EUROPA.

  • What if I get seasick while on the ocean?

    It sometimes happens that people experience seasickness while sailing. Fortunately, there are many simple solutions available nowadays that can provide significant relief. Additionally, we have a doctor on board who is always ready to assist you. Read more about seasickness and onboard medical care here.

  • Is there WIFI available on board?

    On board, there is no internet access. This creates an environment where you can escape the digital world and fully immerse yourself in the experience of sailing at sea and embracing the moment. However, if you still wish to keep your loved ones informed, there is an option to send and receive small emails for a fee. Additionally, a designated person from your home front will have access to the captain's phone number in case of emergencies.

  • Is sailing experience required?

    When you decide to join us one of our voyages, you will be doing so as part of the voyage crew. This means that EUROPA’s permanent crew will train you to be a sailor. No experience is needed, our crew will learn you everything along the way. Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with maneuvers, navigation, weather observations, furling the sails on the yards and much more. The permanent crew will give lectures and instruct you during the voyage in steering, navigation and sail handling. This will be done in a ‘Dutch’ style, so without yelling, blowing whistles or uniforms.

  • What can I expect from the interior of the ship?

    On board the Bark EUROPA, we offer 11 cabins for voyage crew, including three 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins, and four 6-person cabins. With various common areas such as the library, lounge, poker corner, and deckhouse, the Bark EUROPA is ideal for ocean crossings and longer voyages. It allows you to do your own thing. Whether you wish to do some quiet reading or write in your logbook in the library in the aft of the ship or prefer to enjoy an active role in the social life in the deckhouse: there is a place for everyone. In the deckhouse you will also find the ships bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your fellow crewmates, play a board or card game or just enjoy a good talk. Below deck, you will find the lounge. Breakfast is served here but this area is also used by the guides to give their lectures and show their movies. Click here for a virtual 3D tour of the ship!

  • What does a day on board the EUROPA look like?

    Every day on board is different and unexpected, due to continuously changing weather conditions and the watch system, but we’ll try to sketch how a day could look like: you get waken up at 4 am by another watch: It's your turn to stand watch with your watchmates. You check out the weather and put on your sailing gear. Then, you head outside and take turns keeping a lookout, steering, and handling the sails with the crew. After 4 hours, you wake up the next watch and its breakfast time. The cook has prepared a delicious buffet: fresh bread, yoghurt, granola, and all sorts of fruits. Then, you can catch up on sleep or hang out outside, chatting with your fellow travelers or helping the crew with ship maintenance. Once lunch is served, it's back to your watch duty. The weather and course may have changed, so you need to hoist or lower the sails accordingly. After dinner, you can either take a nap or grab a drink – the choice is yours. Read here to learn more about the watch system on board!

  • Is it mandatory to take part in the watch system and sail handling?

    When you join us aboard EUROPA, we hope you'll embrace the excitement and adventurous spirit of being part of the watch system and helping navigate the ship from point A to point B. As a sail training vessel, we highly encourage passengers to get involved and contribute to the sailing experience. Being part of the watch system means taking turns keeping watch, steering the ship, and assisting with sail handling alongside our experienced crew. It's an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the voyage, learn new skills, and be an active participant in the journey together with your fellow sailors. Teamwork is key on board! There is of course also enough time to enjoy the voyage by spending time on deck, mingling with fellow travelers, observing the crew's activities, or simply taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

  • What is the spoken language on board?

    The spoken language on board is English, it is therefore required that you have sufficient knowledge of this language in order to understand all of the given safety instruction and for you to connect with your fellow crewmates, as this contributes to your experience!

  • How experienced is your crew?

    Our international permanent crew is very experienced and know all the ins and outs of the ship. They have been trained to handle any situation coming their way to keep everyone on board safe. The same goes for our captains, all of them have been sailing with the EUROPA for a quiet some time which creates a strong feeling of trust among crew and guests.

  • How long has Bark EUROPA been running expeditions?

    Since the year 2000, the Bark EUROPA has been crossing oceans and seas on a regular basis and has the reputation of being a ship that really sails. Our voyages bring us to remote islands and cities all over the world, giving you the possibility to step on board halfway through a long ocean crossing. Click here for more information about EUROPA’s history!

  • How does Bark EUROPA promote sustainability while traveling?

    At Bark EUROPA, respecting the oceans is at the heart of it all. We strive to increase the awareness of our trainees and draw attention to the oceans and their vulnerability during our voyages. We inspire our trainees to open themselves up to the beauty and diversity of ocean life. Through onboard lectures, collaboration with researchers, and promoting environmentally friendly products, we aim for a more sustainable future. Read more about caring for the environment aboard Bark EUROPA here.

Bookings & prices

  • Can I book for next season?
    If a voyage has not been announced via the newsletter, it is not possible to make a booking or a down payment to secure a spot. We only accept bookings from the moment which we specified in our newsletter announcing the voyages.

  • A voyage is labelled FULLY BOOKED in the sailing schedule, what does that mean?
    This means that there are not spots available on this voyage. If you are very keen on joining, please send us a message to state you would like to be on the reserve list for this specific voyage. If a spot opens up we will contact you.

  • What does an optional reservation entail?
    If you are not 100% certain you will join on a voyage, but you would like to request a spot, you can fill in the optional reservation form. We will reserve a berth for you on the voyage you requested, which will be in the system for two weeks to give you time to look into your other travel details. 

  • What can I expect regarding making the payment?

    Once we’ve received your booking form, we will process your booking as soon as possible. When you’ve received a voyage confirmation and corresponding invoice, your booking is confirmed. The confirmation of your payment will not go automatically. We check our banking accounts once a week and will confirm your payment via email. Please keep in mind that it might take a while for a transfer to get through. Let us know if you have any questions about payments! The payment of your invoice can be made by bank transfer. Please state your name and invoice in the remarks. All necessary banking details are mentioned on the invoice. We do not accept credit cards or cheques. We keep the following payment conditions; these are also mentioned on the invoice:

    • 30% of the voyage fare directly after booking
    • 50% of the voyage fare 5 months before embarkation
    • 20% of the voyage fare 2 months before embarkation. 
  • Are the listed prices for the entire cabin or just a bunk?

    The prices listed on our website are per person for a single bunk. You have the option to book a bunk in a 5–6-person cabin or a two-person cabin. Please note that the two-person cabin can only be booked when traveling with a companion. The prices mentioned are also per person.

  • Are there age restrictions aboard Bark EUROPA?
    The minimum age to travel alone on board Bark EUROPA is 15 years old. 
    All those under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact the shipping office to discuss the possibilities. Are you 65 years old or over? We kindly ask you to fill in the additional health statement that needs to be signed by your physician. This statement will be discussed with our team of ships doctors before we can make a final decision. Sailors of the age of 73 or over (at time of sailing), can unfortunately not join us on ocean crossings and Antarctica expeditions. They are welcome to sail a coastal voyage on board Bark EUROPA, when healthy and fit.

The start of your voyage

  • Can I bring my luggage on board before the embarkation time?

Sometimes it is possible to bring your luggage to the ship before the embarkation moment. After dropping it of we kindly ask you to leave to give the crew time to prepare the ship for your official arrival at the embarkation time. When the ship is at anchor in the bay it is not possible to drop of your luggage before the embarkation moment. 

  • Where can I find the ship?

If you have booked a voyage you will receive the log in information for your community page. Here we will post several documents with information about your trip. We will also share information about the location of the ship in the port where you will embark. 
Have a look at the ships GPS for the exact locations.

  • How much money should I bring?

It is entirely up to you how much money you want to bring on your voyage, but we suggest taking about € 10,- per day. This of course depends on you as a person and on the voyage you are on. When you are on a voyage with a lot of sailing, we can imagine you spend less time in the bar! The bar bill amounts over the duration of the voyage and has to be paid at the end of the voyage. This can be done in Euro's and Dollars.

  • What kind of bag should I bring?

Storage room in the cabins is limited, we advise to bring a duffel bag you can completely fold away.

  • What to pack? 

For a general packing list please look here.

Meals on board

  • What can I expect regarding the food onboard?

When you're out at sea, our galley is always busy preparing delicious meals to keep everyone well-fed. Our experienced cook and cook’s assistant take care of all meals on board, surprising our voyage crew with a variety of dishes made with local ingredients from the ports we visit. We offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. When you book your voyage, you can choose your meal preference to ensure everything is arranged in advance. Read more about food allergies and preferences here.

  • Which diets are possible on board?

Our experienced cook and cook's assistant will take care of all meals on board.

Our voyage crew is often surprised by the variety of dishes served on board during the voyages. The cooks try as hard/much as possible to use local ingredients from the ports we visit. Each day they will prepare a vegetarian meal (no fish and no meat) and a non-vegetarian meal. At the time of booking, you will choose one of these two options for your full voyage, so we can arrange the rights stores for your sailing expedition. We only offer a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option, we cannot cater to a vegan diet.

On most voyages we don't have the opportunity to get new supplies during our adventure, all shopping has to be done before departure. Therefore the cooks need to have an overview of the number of vegetarian and non-vegetarians on board and should be fully informed of any possible food allergies.

The end of your voyage

  • When do I fly back home after my voyage

Disembarkation from EUROPA is in the morning, and although we will do our best to be in the harbour at the disembarkation time we set, EUROPA is still a sailing vessel, and thus wind and weather dependent. Therefore we advise to fly late in the afternoon or in the evening of the disembarkation day. Or stay another day in port and check out your new surroundings.


On board we live very close to each other and viruses can spread easily. To bear in mind the safety of you and your fellow sailors, we highly recommend to be fully vaccinated against COVID before starting your voyage. 

The COVID epidemic has taught the world a valuable lesson: minimizing close contact, wearing masks indoors (if needed), and practicing regular hand hygiene, effectively reduces the spread of infectious particles through the air. We highly recommend that our guests prioritize these personal care measures in the event of respiratory viruses occurring on board.

Please be advised that it is your own responsibility to check and meet the travel (and covid) requirements in the countries you will visit before, during and after the voyage.