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Disconnect yourself

Escape the civilized world and experience the true life of a sailor during an ocean crossing. Enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the ocean, without internet or phone connections. Here, you will find tranquility, make valuable connections, and discover your true self. Learn to sail, enjoy in breathtaking sunrises and starry skies, and return stronger and more confident. Step on board and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the ocean.

Slow travel

An ocean crossing on a ship like Bark EUROPA not only gives you an idea of what life must have been like as a sailor in the past – it invites you to experience what it is like for yourself. Despite modern safety, navigation and communication equipment, the simplicity of life on board is comparable to how it could have been like more than 200 years ago. It will give you an idea of the enormous pack of water that we will cross, where storms and high speeds will alternate with doldrums and slow progress.

Instead of one day on a plane, it will take us a month and a half to cross the ocean. This gives your mind an opportunity to calm down, your body time to relax but most of all to admire your surroundings, the beauty of nature and the importance to care for the environment. While you are on lookout you will experience nothing but the all-encompassing nature. The endless mountains of water that appear and disappear around us, the feeling of being so vulnerable to the powers of nature, the indescribable beauty of sunrises and sunsets on the ocean, the millions of stars, animal life and all shades of blue make an ocean crossing an unforgettable experience.

Completely disconnected

Without any internet or connection on your phone, life on board is a way to be completely disconnected from our hectic lives at home. It gives you time to really connect with your fellow crewmates, yourself and the moment. Without Google, you’ll turn to each other and books for information. Let the people on board surprise you with their knowledge on very diverse subjects. Live in the moment and soak in the peace and serenity around you, the complete silence apart from the sound of the ship gently breaking through the waves. Being completely disconnected you might find your true inner self, some real happiness or just some relaxing time.

The journey itself

Sailing on board Bark EUROPA is not about travelling from A to B but about the journey itself. It is about how you embark as a novice tall ship sailor and arrive to your destination as full-fledged seaman, being able to set and strike sails without any instructions. Perhaps you even dare to climb in the mast to move around in the rig or enjoy the view from up there. It is about the memorable evenings, colorful sunsets and night watches with your new-found friends, about your own journey and how you return more confident, more at ease and stronger.

Because there is always something new to see or to learn from the crew, voyage crew or by our environment, you’ll establish a routine that is relaxing and comfortable but keeps you occupied at the same time. You will delve into the theory and practice of tall ship sailing and all that it entails – sail handling, rigging, maintenance, navigation, all while taking turns to stand look out and take the helm as we roll with the trade winds under full sail towards our destination or have to keep the ship on the right course in the rough seas of the Drake Passage.