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Below you will find suggestions to help you pack your bag for your adventure on EUROPA. We have provided a general list for all our voyages. If you are looking at specific packing tips for our Antarctica expeditions, please go to the Antarctica kit list.

What to bring

Basic Travel necessities:

  • A valid passport. It is important that you check with your own embassy for visa requirements and vaccinations pertaining to each country you visit during your voyage
  • Visa: it is your own responsibility to check if you need a visa for your voyage on EUROPA and arrange it. Some visa take time to apply for, so please start as soon as you booked your voyage
  • Certificates of medical and travel insurance

Toiletries and Medicine

  • Eco-friendly soaps and shampoo's to avoid large impact in the oceans
  • paracetamol, ibuprofen and band-aids for personal use
  • Bring the medication you normally use. The ship is only provisioned with emergency medication.
  • Sunscreen and lipbalm
  • What you normally pack


  • Water bottle, if you do not have one you can buy a Bark EUROPA dopper on board
  • sunglasses
  • usb-stick for the exchange of pictures
  • Cash: as there might not be that many functioning ATM machines around. On board you can pay your bar bill and souvenirs at the end of the trip with EUR and USD. We do not accept credit cards.

Sailing Gear

  • Staying dry, and warm is important on every sailing voyage. This means the outer layer you are wearing needs to be wind and watertight. Big brands for sailing gear are Musto, Helly Hansen, Henry Lloyd, but these are also quite expensive. As an alternative, have a look at oil suits, less pretty but just as effective in keeping out the wind and water.


  • Suitcases take up a lot of space in your cabin and cannot be stowed, so we recommend you use soft luggage bags such as a duffle bag: these can be fold away in the cabin. 


We understand that most of you are first time Tall Ship sailors, and we would like to help you to pack efficiently for your adventure. There is a washing machine on board, but it cannot be used for personal washes on voyages up to two weeks. On the longer voyages, the 22-day Antarctica voyage, ocean crossings and Cape to Cape voyages, we will do our best to make sure there is at least one opportunity for personal washing but we cannot guarantee it because we are weather bound. We can only use the washing machine if the ship is stable. The cooks will provide every cabin with one or two washing bags to collect the laundry and return it to you when cleaned. There is always the possibility to do a small hand wash. Below we have provided packing advise for the different voyages we have: 

Voyages up to two weeks:
On these voyages there is no opportunity for washing

  • Socks and underwear for 14 days      
  • T-shirts and trousers: to personal preference
  • Sweaters: to personal preference, but bring at least one, it can be cold on the night watches.

22 day Antarctica voyages: 

  • Socks: two pairs of merino socks (they do not smell fast) and 7 normal pairs
  • Underwear: at least 12
  • Thermos-layers: at least 3 pairs, with at least one made from Merino wool (these won’t smell for quite some time). Our crew wear several layers (4/5) of Merino wool shirts on top of each other.  
  • T-shirts: at least 6
  • Knitted sweater: 3 or 4 warm sweaters (wool is always preferred)
  • Pants:
          o   2 or 3x thermal pants
          o   2x normal jeans
          o   1x Sweat pants (if you like those)

Long voyages to and from Antarctica

  •  Socks: 21 pairs
  • Underwear: for 21 days
  • Thermos-layers: 5 pairs, with at least one made from Merino wool (these won’t smell for quite some time).
  • T-shirts: 12
  • Knitted sweater: 5 or 6 warm sweaters (wool is always preferred)
  • Pants:
          o   2 or 3x thermal pants
          o   at least 3 normal jeans
          o   1x Sweat pants (if you like those)

 Ocean crossings

  • Socks: for 21 days
  • Underwear: for 21 days
  • T-shirts: at least 7
  • Sweaters: 2 or 3 warm ones, it is cold at night
  • Pants: 
         o   at least 3 jeans
         o   1x Sweat pants (if you like those)
         o   shorts

What not to bring

  • Your bunk has a comforter/duvet with cover, one pillow with pillowcase and a sheet You do not need to bring a sleeping bag
  • Towels will be provided too
  • It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on board
  • Jewellery and other valuables

Other facilities

  • Books: in our on board library there are numerous books about sailing through the ages, mostly in Dutch or English.
  • Electricity: In the cabins and common areas there are plenty sockets to charge your devices, with 220V. The sockets are Dutch, with two round pins