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Making a payment

Once we’ve received your booking form, we will process your booking as soon as possible. When you’ve received a voyage confirmation and corresponding invoice, your booking is confirmed.

We strongly recommend you to wait with arranging any transfers or flights and accommodation until you have received the voyage confirmation from us.

Did we receive your payment? 

The confirmation of your payment will not go automatically. We check our banking accounts once a week and will confirm your payment via email. Please keep in mind that it might take a while for a transfer to get through. Let us know if you have any questions about payments!

Banking Transfer

The payment of your invoice can be made by a banking transfer. Please state your name and invoice in the remarks. All necessary banking details are mentioned on the invoice. We do not accept credit cards or cheques.

We keep the following payment conditions:

  • 30% of the voyage fare directly after booking
  • 50% of the voyage fare 5 months before embarkation
  • 20% of the voyage fare 2 months before embarkation. 

These conditions are mentioned on the invoice as well. 


Alternatively, to the bank transfer, you can pay for your voyage via Wise. For more information on this option and how to make an account, have a look at their website.


Besides the unlimited tea and coffee, you can enjoy some drinks at the bar on board. Our bartender will keep track of everything you buy and at the end of the voyage, you will have to pay your bar bill in cash. You can pay in US Dollars or in EURO’s.


This obviously depends on your bar/drinking habits; however, we advise you to bring between 10 and 20 in euros or US Dollars per day in cash. This normally would be enough to pay your bar bill and even have enough to buy a ships souvenir in the ship! Please be advised that we don’t accept big banknotes of 200 and 500.