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Career opportunity - First Mate

Dear sailing community,

Bark EUROPA is looking for an experienced first Mate to join us on our sailing expeditions. We are a sailtraining vessel, sailing around the world yearlong with trainees from all over the globe, offering a unique and rewarding international experience while promoting responsible travel.

The ideal candidate should have:
- Previous experience on square-rigged ships.
- A Dutch STCW II/2 certification in Sailing Ships or a II/1 Officer in charge of navigational watch sailing ships.*
- Strong communication skills and ability to interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner.
- Proven ability to manage crew members and maintain a positive team environment.
- Availability for +/- 180 sailing days per year and the ambition to be a member of the Bark Europa team for multiple seasons

If you meet the qualifications and would like to be part of our dynamic and diverse crew, we encourage you to apply by sending your resume to

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to forward or share this message with someone you think would be a good fit.

Fair winds,
Team Bark EUROPA

*As we are a Dutch ship and sail under the Dutch flag, we require Dutch papers. It is possible to have foreign certificates recognized by the Dutch government and apply for a Dutch license based on them.

At this time, only the sailing certificate from the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool (EZS) is recognized by the Dutch government for sailing certificates. They also offer their lessons in English and have international students.