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The best way in which you can support the EUROPA and keep her sailing around the world is by spreading the word about her voyages. By telling your story about your voyage you can serve as a source of inspiration for other to join the adventure. We are very interested in your review, either good or bad, what we can do to improve our sailing voyages or what you liked best on your voyage

reviewed on 03/10/2018

Ik heb genoten de hele reis. Misschien is het leuk om in de ruimte bij de bar een elektronische kaart te hebben met de positie van de Bark Europa.

Huibert Jan Stegink
reviewed on 03/10/2018

This was a fantastic voyage. The permanent crew were excellent, all of them helpful, knowledgable, cheerful and very hard working. I thought Janke was first class as Captain, as was Finn, setting an informal, inclusive and positive tone for the crew. Rensche and her team were great, and worked incredibly hard to fill us with lovely food. It was wonderful to have two unscheduled visits to Madeira and the small island. I would score the whole experience not as 5 out of 5, but 10 out of 5. Please send my thanks and very best regards to Janke, Finn and the crew, with fair winds and a happy voyage all the way to Antarctica. Roger Howell

roger howell
reviewed on 29/08/2018
Totally awesome

The crew make it great - they are so relaxed, onto it, friendly and always helpful. Heaps of fun and adventure! What a delight to swim in the North Sea and the Norwegian fjords!