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The best way in which you can support the EUROPA and keep her sailing around the world is by spreading the word about her voyages. By telling your story about your voyage you can serve as a source of inspiration for other to join the adventure. We are very interested in your review, either good or bad, what we can do to improve our sailing voyages or what you liked best on your voyage

reviewed on 29/09/2019
A unique experience

My journey on the Bark Europa, short as it may have been, was an amazing one. The trip was a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. I also learned a lot about the ship and sailing it. I owe this experience to the crew members that were always enthusiastic and eager to explain everything.

Klaas Koerten
reviewed on 19/09/2019
Best ship afloat

Having voyaged on the Europa in the Tall Ships Races I can happily say that this ship outclasses all the others in terms of it's design and crew. This is a sailing ship and that means we set sails 2 metres from land and didn't take them in until we arrived at Fredrikstad a week later. Few tall ships of it's class have the same amount of clear deck space and practical design. The crew were brilliant and focused on teaching all of us how to be better shipmates. It was an unforgettable experience and one I am definitely going to repeat on this ship.

reviewed on 05/08/2019
Trip of a lifetime

Everything about being on the Europa is just pure bliss to me; the crew were very nice and welcoming, the deckhands were very patient with us newbies, I haven't been this happy for a very long time. There are a couple of things that can be done better though: 1) Better communications between the permanent and voyage crew (e.g. room change arrangements) 2) Get more and/or better fishing gear with lectures on how to fish 3) Get better squeegees for deck wash! Other than that, coming on the Europa for 2.5 months was the best decision I've ever made. I hope I'll be back on the Europa in the near future.

Adrian Chan
reviewed on 05/08/2019
My most memorable travel experience

Several months have passed now since I disembarked the Europa in Cape Town. And I still struggle to find words for that absolutely amazing experience. I loved every single day of it and that for many reasons. Hearing stories of Antarctic explorers and following their tracks in the Weddell Sea and South Georgia, visiting very remote places only a few others have been before, learning a lot about sailing and experiencing what it is like to sail 24/7, being involved in the Watch system and leaving my comfort zone once in a while, experiencing all kinds of weather from heavy storms and rough seas to sunny chill out days on deck. The absolutely amazing crew - I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you do. Janke, Finn and Merle for sailing us safely to Cape Town, Sarah, Jordi and Rich for guiding us im Antarctica and giving these great lectures, Gjalt and Merel for always keeping our belly filled with superb food, Rempart, Enguerrand, Mille, Rune, Lex, Beth, Adam, Loek, Greg, Adrian for always being happy and doing a fabulous job. Thank you Bark Europa Team for sharing your passion with us and keeping this old lady running.

reviewed on 10/07/2019
Horta to Rouen

My congratulations to Captain Claus, his dog Sirius & dedicated highly professional crew for imparting & allowing us to share their knowledge of seamanship & know how in sailing Europa in what for me must be the ultimate ocean experience..The importance of participation was quickly understood. Don't hesitate to grab this amazing opportunity and feel what its like to be part of the crew and what an ocean voyage can offer on such a remarkable vessel as Europa & even if you have never sailed before don't worry go for it! The crew's ability in teaching/demonstrating the many numerous skills needed in handling a 3 masted bark including safety drills were very well presented as were the many lectures given by Europa's crew. The magnificence of Europa is spellbinding. A piece of living maritime history! The food was superb as was the welcoming we received from the galley staff. My best wishes to Europa and her crew. Mark Walker

Mark Walker
reviewed on 08/07/2019
Voyage Crew

The voyage was an experience few have or will ever have a chance to embrace. Doing such a long voyage brings so much more time to absorb the spirit of open ocean tall ship sailing as close as one can get historically. My only reason for not giving a Five is because on occasion, I felt like we the voyage crew weren't informed like the permanent crew, which lead to rumors and not feeling like part of the team. The captain sensed this and started to post weather and location info and also provided more insights during our 2- O'clocky, which made us feel more connected.