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Keep the ship in shape

The old three-masted barque EUROPA had to change her course due to the Corona pandemic. Instead of the planned voyage across the Pacific to Australia, the ship has returned to her homeport in The Netherlands. After 81 days at sea, EUROPA is now waiting for better times in the port of Scheveningen. All trips have been cancelled and there is no income. Maintenance continues however, to keep the ship under approval and ready to sail. In order to keep the ship in the best possible condition, it is essential to carry out maintenance work on the more than 100 year old ship, which has given her sailors a warm and safe home throughout all her voyages.

Keep the ship in shape

standing on lookout in the middle of the night or steering the ship through a heavy Drake with walls of water all around you. Enjoying a drink at the bar with your shipmates or slowly beginning to understand the structure of the pinrails. Finally, you start to feel totally disconnected to the hectic life at home. Bark EUROPA has offered her sailors experiences that no one will ever forget.

Maintenance on the ship that we all hold dear is necessary to keep her wandering the oceans. The cost for these maintenance tasks is not insignificant. The shipping company needs an amount of € 250,000 to be able to do all maintenance that was planned for the upcoming year. That money had been saved in recent years, but due the Corona pandemic, it will have to be used to get us through these difficult times.

Donation options

The friends of bark ERUOPA hope to support the shipping company and the ship in their survival. Would you like to help EUROPA navigate though this heavy storm and finance the maintenance of the ship?

Package S: € 75,00
Receive a digital map of the 81 day epic voyage from Ushuaia to Scheveningen

Package M: € 250,00
Receive a digital map of the epic voyage and an exclusive invitation to a zoommeeting with our captains and host

Package L: € 500,00
Receive an exclusive invitation to the event to thank everyone who helped us. In addition you receive all from package S & M. There will be a digital event for those who can't join us in Scheveningen.

Package XL: € 1000 or more
Your name or company will be shown on a plaque on board with all biggest contributors and on our website. In addition you receive all from the other packages.

Go to the website of the foundation for all the information