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Falkland Islands

Imagine miles and miles of unspoiled breathtaking landscapes. Here, the main occupants of the land are the birds. Thousands of them. Penguins, Albatrosses, terns and many more. You hear their calls and cries everywhere in this otherwise silent wilderness. Explore the Falklands / Las Malvinas with Bark EUROPA. Spot Gentoo Penguins, Magellanic Penguins and a lone King Penguin with their chicks in their natural habitat, standing guard over their burrows. Spot the everpresent seabirds like the Kelp Geese, White Tufted Grebes, oystercatchers, petrels, and of course, the magnificent albatross. During zodiac expeditions to shore, you’ll be accompanied by many playful and curious Commerson's Dolphins and seals who like to show you the best way to go.


The permanent crew were just so professional, uncomplaining, friendly and forever helpful and our guides clearly have a passion for what they do and the ability to make every little mundane task feel exciting. Words really cannot express what it was like and, to quote from another's blog, if you really want to know you will have to go see for your self.


Antarctica season 2019/2020

Next year's Antarctica voyages are going to be extra special! After 500 years, we will follow the footsteps of the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan, sailing from Spain, via the Falklands and the Strait of Magellan into the Pacific. But before we start our great pacific adventure, we will return to Antarctica in 2019/20 from Punta Arenas and Ushuaia to visit the wildest and coldest continent on earth. Instead of steering for Cape Town, we will set sail to the turquoise seas and the Pacific islands.

If you are interested in an expedition to South Georgia, we will be sailing there again in the season after our Pacific adventure, Antarctica season 2020/2021. We will start that season with a South Georgia expedition starting at the Falklands and will of course close that season with our traditional Cape to Cape voyage.

It was a amazing voyage!!! The crew were wonderful in helping us with everything and the cook was absolutely amazing! I think that for a training ship she is handled very well and the organization was great. The captain did a superb job of wrangling the 40 plus landlubbers and keeping a ship shape ship! Thank you to everyone for all the love and effort that goes into this beautiful vessel.


Chilean voyages

After another spectacular Antarctica season, we will hoist our sails for a next adventure. This time into the Pacific. Via the impressive Chilean Channels we will explore Southern Chile and its snowcapped fjords and glaciers on our way to Puerto Natales. From there, we will make our way north and sail within 2 weeks along the Chilean coast to Valparaíso. 

Coming on the Europa for 2.5 months was the best decision I've ever made. I hope I'll be back on the EUROPA in the near future.


Pacific voyages

After a long time of dreaming, preparing and arranging, Valparaíso (Chile) will be the start of our Pacific adventure. In about three months’ time we will cross the largest ocean on earth, extending from the Arctic in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south and covering nearly one-third of the earth’s surface and almost half of its water surface. Step on board and join us for this epic adventure!

What a marvellous experience I had on this trip. The ship was incredible and the crew were so helpful for those of us who had never sailed on a square rigger before. We swam near the equator, saw dolphins, whales, flying fish and albatross and had perfect sailing weather for most of the trip. I would absolutely recommend an ocean voyage on Europa to anyone looking for a special experience, I can’t wait to do another trip!



Sail the Coral sea and onwards into the Tasman sea. Visit Lord Howe Island and finish this unique coastal sailing adventure in Hobart. When you embark on this adventure into the great Australian waters you will experience it all. When you leave the harbour of Brisbane behind and hoist the sails you will be watching the sails closely while you steer a course on the blue waters of the coral sea. Bark EUROPA will experience the East Australian current together with the Southeastern trade winds that dominate this area throughout all the seasons. When you are standing by your lines on deck you may also experience some south westerly winds that are frequent for this time of the year. These wind and current patterns will make your voyage extra interesting as they offer the best conditions for some great sailing. You will get to know all there is about sailing a vessel like EUROPA. Hoist the sails, take them away and climb the masts to stow the sails with an unbeatable 360 degree view of this great continent and its impressive coastlines with many inlets, small bays and harbours leading into the many national parks on this eastern side of Australia.

My journey on the Bark Europa, short as it may have been, was an amazing one. The trip was a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. I also learned a lot about the ship and sailing it. I owe this experience to the crew members that were always enthusiastic and eager to explain everything.


Rounding Cape Horn

From Hobart, Tasmania we start with the ultimate sailing voyage, a 48-day South Pacific crossing to Stanley, the Falkland Islands. At 50 degrees south on the Pacific Ocean to 50 degrees south on the Atlantic Ocean we will try to make an official Cape Horn rounding. During this voyage, nothing is sure and it is the ultimate adventure. Weather and wind will shape our route and the result will hopefully be to round Cape Horn. To successfully complete this attempt of an continuous sail of at least 3000 nautical miles, only the sails may be used and even more than on other voyages we will need all hard-working men and women on board! Keep in mind that this difficult voyage asks a lot of everyone on board and it will most probably put your stamina to the test.

The voyage was an experience few have or will ever have a chance to embrace. Doing such a long voyage brings so much more time to absorb the spirit of open ocean tall ship sailing as close as one can get historically.


Falkland Islands 2020

Experience the Falkland Islands on board Bark EUROPA during a one week sailing experience and explore the beautiful islands while making hikes ashore. This voyage will bring you around the islands and will be fully focused on admiring the beauty of the area and spotting its incredible wildlife. Surrounded by the many seabirds and magnificent albatrosses we will explore the area. We will make daily landings and our guides will take you on a tour telling you all they know about its flora and fauna. 

It is also possible to combine this one week voyage with our 34 day Antarctica expedition, that will start from Stanley one week later. You can find more information on this combination here.

The Falklands expedition opens on October 29, 2019 at 12:00 CET (noon). From that moment the voyage will be available for bookings on our website. Bookings received before this date will not be processed to give everyone a fair chance.


Most epic journey of my life!!


Antarctica 2020/2021

After seven months of sailing in the Pacific and Australia, a Cape Horn rounding and an expedition on the Falklands, we're ready again for a next Antarctica season. This year there will be six Antarctica voyages, four 22-day voyages, one 34-day voyage and the traditional 52 day Cape to Cape voyage from Ushuaia to Cape Town via Antarctica, South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha.

The Antarctica season 2020/2021 opens on October 29, 2019 at 12:00 CET (noon). From that moment the voyages will be available for bookings on our website. Bookings received before this date will not be processed to give everyone a fair chance.

This trip hits you very hard in an emotional way. You may think that you understand what you are going through and seeing while you are on the trip -but that is not the case. In the weeks and months after the being on the Bark Europa you begin to fully realize that this kind of experience was unique to the point that it will probably not be duplicated ever again in your global travels. It is an over the top experience.


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