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Antarctica season 2018/2019

From November 2018 the EUROPA will set sail in Antarctic waters again. We will start our season with a 39 day voyage with plenty of sailing days and a visit to South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula. After this unique voyage we have scheduled two 22 day expeditions to Antarctica.

Antarctica is one of the most protected areas our world has to offer and because of this the natural habitat is almost completely preserved. Walls of ice with magical shapes and colours will surround the EUROPA, as well as thousands of penguins when you visit the main land. On board, you will be prepared by your guide before going a shore. 


We're under sail in the vast and unpredictable Southern Ocean in a 56m tall ship doing 7 knots heading towards South Georgia. And for the next 20 minutes - I was at the helm! This is what I came for. This is what it feels like to be really alive!


From South Africa to the Netherlands

After a new Antarctica season EUROPA will set sail from Cape Town to Horta in the Azores. On our way we will visit the beautiful remote islands of St. Helena and Ascension Island. This 53-day ocean voyage is an ideal journey to learn more about what it's like to sail a Tall Ship. From there, we sail from the Azores to the historic port of Rouen. After staying in Rouen for a few days we will start the Tall Ships Liberty Regatta, competing other tall ships in a race to our homeport Scheveningen. Scheveningen will host an international fleet of tall ships for the very first time and of course we dont want to miss this event.


Miles and miles of scintillating water, colorful mountains and islands afar, a sky full of magnificent cloud patterns and sun rays on day, and full of stars at night.

Raphael Houde Belle-Isle

Bark EUROPA Summer adventures 2019

After the oceancrossing from Cape Town to Scheveningen we will start the Summer with a northern adventure! Sail with us from Scheveningen to Aalborg or explore the surroundings of Fredrikstad on our way to Amsterdam! 

I have to share this with my friends and all who love the sea. Wherever she (Bark Europa) sails is an unforgettable adventure. The ship, the people and the food was amazing. Fair winds and following seas.


Tall Ships Races 2019

Be part of our crew at the Tall Ships Races! The ports are buzzing with excitement when so many beautiful ships are paying a visit. And ofcourse we challenge eachother in the Tall Ships Race for the best ship and crew.

The crew make it great - they are so relaxed, onto it, friendly and always helpful. Heaps of fun and adventure! What a delight to swim in the North Sea and the Norwegian fjords!


Magellan voyages

Starting in 2019 Bark EUROPA will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan's adventures!

From Spain EUROPA will sail to South America, she will cross the Strait of Magellan and sail into the Pacific to visit some amazing destinations. The whole voyage will be published on the website in the new year. Stay tuned for more Pacific news! 

What a marvellous experience I had on this trip. The ship was incredible and the crew were so helpful for those of us who had never sailed on a square rigger before. We swam near the equator, saw dolphins, whales, flying fish and albatross and had perfect sailing weather for most of the trip. I would absolutely recommend an ocean voyage on Europa to anyone looking for a special experience, I can’t wait to do another trip!


Antarctica season 2019/2020

Next year's Antarctica voyages are going to be extra special! After 500 years, we will follow the footsteps of the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan, sailing from Spain, via the Falklands and the Strait of Magellan into the Pacific. But before we start our great pacific adventure, we will return to Antarctica in 2019/20 from Punta Arenas and Ushuaia to visit the wildest and coldest continent on earth. Instead of steering for Cape Town, we will set sail to the turquoise seas and the Pacific islands.

The actual booking of an Antarctic voyage is only possible from Monday 7th of January 2019, 12.00 hours (noon) CETBookings received before this date will not be processed to give everyone a fair chance. 

* important to be aware of is that there are equal chances for people who book through a travel agency or via our website directly. Applications have to be admitted one at a time by individuals travelers and same goes for travel agencies. This means that travel agencies have no advantage over individual bookings send via the booking form on our website directly

If you are interested in an expedition to South Georgia, we will be sailing there again in the season after our Pacific adventure, Antarctica season 2020/2021. We will start that season with a South Georgia expedition starting at the Falklands and will of course close that season with our traditional Cape to Cape voyage.

How to Book
The Antarctic expeditions are in high demand, so we have some guidelines to ensure a smooth booking process.

* Complete booking forms and health statements have priority over optional reservations. We will first process the complete bookings and then continue with the optional bookings.
* Two persons cabins are only reserved for bookings of two persons.

As our bookings are still processed by hand we kindly ask for your patience as it may take longer then usual to receive a confirmation or invoice. We aim to let all sailors know by email in the first week if we have been able to block a berth for them.

Being fit and healthy is extremely important when undertaking a voyage on a sailing and moving vessel in remote areas where no extra medical care is available. Being able to move around smoothly when under sail is a challenge for all sailors on board. Your answers on the health statement are used to inform the captain and/or the ships doctor when available on your voyage, so we expect you to keep them accurate and inform us of any changes before your voyage.

It was a amazing voyage!!! The crew were wonderful in helping us with everything and the cook was absolutely amazing! I think that for a training ship she is handled very well and the organization was great. The captain did a superb job of wrangling the 40 plus landlubbers and keeping a ship shape ship! Thank you to everyone for all the love and effort that goes into this beautiful vessel.


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