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A sailors work is never done

By: Wim Nieuwenhuijse

A sailor’s work is never done. During Bark Europa’s transatlantic crossing from Tenerife to Montevideo, the whole crew worked very hard on the yards in replacing the ship’s four top sails fore & aft. It...

Trade winds and waxing moon

By: Janke Kingma

18 47,4 N 021 27,1 W 4.8 kts It's been already 5 days since we left Tenerife. While we were preparing the departure all of a sudden the wind picked up from the NE so we could sail the Europa without the use of...

October 2019

Research update

By: Frederick Walters

Pushing onward from the Canary Islands, the trade winds picked up making trawling ever more complicated with the increasing speed of the ship. With distance to land, the abundance of plankton quickly declined, as both...

March 2018

Logboek Matthijs week 4

By: Matthijs

Na het bezoek aan St. Helena zijn jullie in vijf dagen naar Ascension Island gevaren. Kunnen jullie deze 5 dagen beschrijven?  Na St Helena zijn we door gevaren naar Ascension Island. deze oversteek duurde 5 dagen. voor...

May 2017

Laatste etappe

By: Peer

Tijdens de eerste landing op Tristan da Cunha gaat in de namiddag de scheepshoorn van de Europa. De mensen moeten terug naar het haventje lopen want de swells worden te hoog. Het schip deint als een opblaaseendje in een ligbad...

March 2017

On watch

By: Jan

Nights, those dark companions and all the stories which they bear with pockets full of stars, a planet fog, rain and coldness too they bring or breathe a lazy warmth and damp They act as if they´re kings of time but...