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Nothing is impossible, only not tried

By: Richard Simko

Once, as a young boy I got a present for Christmas. A book. A book about  exploration, discovery   and conquest of the remotest places in the  world. Be it the highest peaks in Himalayas, deeps of the...

March 2019


By: Andy Owers

In the UK a few years ago, I - along with a large section of the  population - watched enthralled as British astronaut Tim Peake blasted  off from the planet ahead of a lengthy stay onboard the International ...

Crossing the Antarctic Convergence Area

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Before it was getting too dark, was time to reduce some canvas, packing  the Main Royal Staysail under variable wind force. With the Spanker set  the steering wasn’t easy, having to keep the rudder at a...

SOUTH GEORGIA – Moltke harbor (Royal Bay)

By: Jordi Plana Morales

After a pleasant and starry night anchored at Moltke Harbour -the small  indentation close to the entrance of the wide Royal Bay- the sun shines  in the early morning and the calm conditions invite to start the...