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When math is fun

By: Bram

When math is fun   Yes, there will be a quiz following this column. “The required length for the sheet of the square sail above the one you want to set (L) equals the width of the yard of the lower sail...

Research Update- Tenerife to Capo Verde

By: Fran Jones

We are currently looking upon the mountains of Capo Verde, looking even more magnificent behind the tropical haze. With islands on both port and starboard, we are sailing through the middle of the archipelago.  ...

Entering the Tropics

By: Jordi Plana Morales

4th October 2021   Strong Trade winds pulling us on a good speed towards Cape Verde archipelago. Entering the Tropics. Tropic of Cancer lies just ahead. The Trade winds keep pulling us on a good speed towards...

Sailing Again

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Famiriarizations, drills, last preparations before departure.  A morning spent for the last preparations for the upcoming voyage, led to the departure in the afternoon. The new beginning of...


By: Joop

On Friday October 1st the sun rises behind a grey layer of clouds. Th only thing she can do is send het light ahead. On the main deck of Europa a farewell is going on, not really a farewell party. The atmosphere is a bit like...

October 2021

Slightly variable Trade wind regime

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Slightly  variable Trade wind regime, easing down but still allowing for good progress towards Cape Verde Archipelago The day starts with a fresh permanent crew watch joining on deck , and  the night watch...

Beautiful sailing in the tropics

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Europa keeps the great progress on a 220º course, making the most of the Northeasterly winds blowing from the aft. During the last 24 hours she sailed a good 156nm at an average speed of 6.5kn. 225nm to her Portside lies...


By: Bram

Dear fellow travelers on Europa; if this little blog is any offensive to  you, I apologize. Just come and find me and try to throw me overboard if you don't like it. We will settle this like sailors. Chances...

That’s my man

By: Joop

“Now that’s my man” we sometimes say when the other person does something we recognize. We’d rather not see too many folly. No, we very much want to know what we are up against, that is called...