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The mythical Drake Lake

By: Sarah Gerats

And so we leave. Straight after our landing at Neko Harbour, we head for  the Drake. We still have a good 50 miles to go before we are out on open  waters again, and according to the weather forecast, even there...

February 2019

A deep breath

By: Sarah Gerats

And indeed, as soon as the last words were written, the Drake took a  deep breath and started blowing. We all woke from our thoughts and  conversations, on with the harnesses, up with the sails. After two...

Hasta luego Antarctica!

By: Julia Shato

Our visit to the Ice Queen's land is over. Now we are heading back  towards civilization, greenery and humans.  This was an intense experience filled with breathtaking views of the  mountains, glaciers, ice...

Petermann Island – Port Charcot – North

By: Sarah Gerats

After a snowy morning on Petermann island, the sky much darker grey than  the land, we are suddenly surprised by sunshine. A lot of sunshine. The  full on Antarctic summer day that no type of sunscreen can handle....

Six on Six Off

By: Sarah Gerats

The permanent crew works in shifts of 6 hours on, 6 hours off. Today,  the weather joined the watch system. 08:00 It has been bright and calm for many hours now. Humpback whales around  the ship all night....

Deception Island

By: Voyage crew

Sometimes when one comes to Deception Island – the shores are steaming  and the subtle smell of sulfur is welcoming you on shore. Other times –  at high tide – nothing points in the direction of...

January 2019

The feeding whale and the calving glacier

By: Sarah Gerats

Most often, when a glacier calves, no one will see it. All these  enormous glaciers in Antarctica -  all the icebergs we see in the bays – only a few of them have been witnessed falling. Mostly, you will...

First steps on the Antarctic continent

By: Sophie and Charlotte

It started off as a calm morning. Being on deck we could see the iced   mountain tops surrounding us. The sea was almost flat. Completely   different from the day before, when it was snowing and we could hardly...


By: Sarah Gerats

We always have plans. Plans that work for the schedule, plans that work  in combination with the ships around us, plans that fit our other plans.  Logical plans, beautiful plans, practical plans. But if these...