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Teaching the guides

By: Ghostwriter

The chart table in the library, being the main table of any size within  the ship, gets used for many things. It has been the Jordi’s office,  Merel’s shop, Natalie’s sail repair cutting table,...

Blue sky and clouds

By: Ghostwriter

Today is the day where Jordi does the paperwork to allow us to land in  South Georgia. There is an appointment with the relevant official in  Grytviken at one pm, and we need to be on time.  To celebrate...

December 2018

Royal bay and gold harbour

By: Jordi Plana Morales

A couple of hours on the way to Royal Bay and a quiet night anchored at  Moltke Harbour followed the great experience we had taking in the beauty  of St. Andrews Bay.  Moltke is barely 3nm further south from...

Cobblers cove and St. Andrews Bay

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Shortly after departing Grytviken in the early morning, countless  whale-blows are spotted all around. Many of us were enjoying breakfast  on the main deck and we were greeted by the sights of tens of...

November 2018

In the footsteps of giants

By: Ghostwriter

One of the pitfalls of the longer crossings is that while there are  plenty of opportunities for pulling and hauling ropes, the Europa is not  exactly famous for the running track around the deckhouse, or...

Shackleton walk

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Possession Bay offered a good anchorage despite the gusty strong winds  that hit the bay overnight. With some occasional dragging, Europa  endured the stormy weather with five shackles of chain in each of...