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By: Ildiko Plaganyi

"You are a life-ship As well as a ship of life far away from a world with wars Polluted cities are a crazy memory As your sails shine in the sun The sea stretches out all around And now we can comprehend How...

In Awe of the Galley


Under ordinary circumstances, any canteen where half or more of  the workforce were seen vomiting  profusely shortly after their first meals would not stay open long.  National Media would all over the story...

Current and van Gogh

By: Wieger Homan

Hello world outside,  It is now several days since we left Montevideo. we started with the  most beautiful weather, that however soon changed in windy, rainy days.  The waves got higher, the wind...

A lonely stranger

By: Ghostwriter

Icebergs are mythical creations. We glibly use analogies of the tip of  the iceberg in daily speech, sometimes with some relevance but usually  stretching the analogy far beyond what is useful or appropriate....

November 2018

The Maintenance Department

By: Ghostwriter

Subcontracting is not really an option on the ocean. If welding needs to be done, then the two options for the maintenance department are (a) to do the welding themselves, or (b) not be able to use the thing...

Good sailing day until hit by stormy winds

By: Jordi Plana Morales

The decreasing winds during the early hours of the day put an end to the  nice sailing we were having. After 02:00 in the morning it was time to  strike all square sails and most of the Staysails, brace sharp to...

Yellow buckets and a new family

By: Sophie van der Weerd

Almost a week at sea. Almost 1 week at the Europa. Almost 2 weeks since  I left my boyfriend at Schiphol and just over a year since I thought I  was destined to already be aboard this ship. Fate had a different...