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Two weeks at sea!

By: Janke Kingma

24 39 N 040 22 W COG 125 SOG 5.8 14 days at sea. This night we could see the stars reflect in the water. A beautiful  sight, but it means that there was no wind at all. It has been on and  off with the wind...

10 days at sea

By: Robert Zant

It appears this route is hardly used by mammals. We see many flying fish  and even catch a few dorado’s, but we only see a human ship every few  days, an occasional dolphin and not a single whale so far....

"Garlic and Oranges"

By: Rensje en Gjalt

What?? What? Say again?? No Garlic?... Then we don’t leave the quay. You can’t  cross the ocean without any garlic on board, imagine all the evil that could come and visit us on board! Sailing...

The first miles on the journey South

By: Janke Kingma

Monday afternoon 15:45 we departed Lunenburg, after a maintenance period of almost two weeks in the friendly town where we experienced great hospitality from a lot of people. Many came to wave Europa goodbye and after a...

September 2017

Happy Birthday!

By: Jan van Zaanen

28 N  45W on board Europa Today I have my birthday and its really a warm bath. Maybe because it’s  about 30 degrees but also the crew is most kind. They even sang for me last night when I came off watch!...

How is the weather on board?

By: Rob Vos

Weather Today only six days at sea, but it feels like weeks. Since the start in  Lunenburg we had already quite a few weather changes. Cold and windy, a  shower at times and since we have reached the Gulfstream...

First climbing at sea

By: Janke Kingma

Saturday 9th September 2017 39 22,9N 052 38,6W ST 06:32 SOG 6,5 COG 120 After steaming for 24 hours on a Southern course, the early morning of the 7th we set full sail, switched of the engines, and changed our...

Life in Canadian waters

By: Jelte Hibma

Heaving anchor at 5AM leaving our sheltered spot York Harbour. A  little rain, strong wind around the head land the start was promising,  but with the morningwatch coming up the wind died out floating around ...

August 2017

A day at the EUROPA

By: Jelte Hibma

After the thunder and the rain from yesterday today a comfortable warm  sun, blue sky's, a light wind and high pressure so stun'sls up on both  sides. A good chance to make pictures from the zodiac with groups...