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Antarctica voyages

  • When do bookings for the next Antarctica season open?
    The bookings for the Antarctica season 2019/2020 will open up on Monday 7th of January 12:00H CET (noon). Please have a look here for more information. 

  • Will there be a Cape to Cape voyage in 2020?
    Because of our exciting plans to sail the Pacific, there won't be a Cape to Cape voyage in 2020. After the Antarctica season 2020/2021 we will have again our traditional Cape to Cape voyage.

  • How much does one of the Antarctic voyages cost?
    The prices of the Antarctica voyages change per season, due to the changing port costs in Ushuaia. The prices for the 2018/2019 season are:
    • Shared 4/5 person cabin: € 8.380,- per person
    • 2 person cabin: € 9.480,- per person


  • Can I book for next season?
    If a voyage has not been announced via the newsletter, it is not possible to make a booking or a down payment to secure a spot. We only accept bookings from the moment which we specified in our newsletter announcing the voyages.

  • A voyage is labelled FULLY BOOKED in the sailing schedule, what does that mean?
    This means that there are not spots available on this voyage. If you are very keen on joining, please send us a message to state you would like to be on the reserve list for this specific voyage. If a spot opens up we will contact you.

  • What does an optional reservation entail?
    If you are not 100% certain you will join on a voyage, but you would like to request a spot, you can fill in the optional reservation form. We will reserve a berth for you on the voyage you requested, which will be in the system for two weeks to give you time to look into your other travel details. 

  • Are there age restrictions aboard Bark EUROPA?
    The minimum age to travel alone on board Bark EUROPA is 15 years old. 
    All those under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact the shipping office to discuss the possibilities.

The start of your voyage

  • Can I bring my luggage on board before the embarkation time?
    Sometimes it is possible to bring your luggage to the ship before the embarkation moment. After dropping it of we kindly ask you to leave to give the crew time to prepare the ship for your official arrival at the embarkation time. When the ship is at anchor in the bay it is not possible to drop of your luggage before the embarkation moment. 

  • Where can I find the ship?
    If you have booked a voyage you will receive the log in information for your community page. Here we will post several documents with information about your trip. We will also share information about the location of the ship in the port where you will embark. 
    • Have a look at the ships GPS for the exact locations.

  • How much money should I bring?
    It is entirely up to you how much money you want to bring on your voyage, but we suggest taking about € 10,- per day. This of course depends on you as a person and on the voyage you are on. When you are on a voyage with a lot of sailing, we can imagine you spend less time in the bar! The bar bill amounts over the duration of the voyage and has to be paid at the end of the voyage. This can be done in Euro's and Dollars.

  • What kind of bag should I bring?
    Storage room in the cabins is limited, so we advise to bring a duffel bag you can completely fold away.

  • What to pack? 
    For a general packing list please look here.
    For the Antarctic Kitlist, please click here.

The end of the voyage

  • When do I fly back home after my voyage?
    Disembarkation from EUROPA is in the morning, and although we will do our best to be in the harbour at the disembarkation time we set, EUROPA is still a sailing vessel, and thus wind and weather dependent. Therefore we advise to fly late in the afternoon or in the evening of the disembarkation day. Or stay another day in port and check out your new surroundings.