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Surveys at sea

By: Fred Walters

After ten days at sea and a rough start in the English Channel, the scientific research is well underway! With the manta trawl and regular plankton trawl alternating on surveys each day, a diverse mix of zooplankton...

September 2019

Tall Ships Race Aalborg - Fredrikstad

By: Jess Fox

The tall ships arrived in Aalborg by 4th July and the race events of 2019 began with the opening ceremony and the Crew Parade, followed by crew activities such as basketball and football. Then all the crews from all the ships...

July 2019

On our way to Aalborg

By: Jess Fox

Over the last few days at sea the voyage crew have been getting to grips  with the art of sail training through many information bursts and  practical instructions lead by the permanent crew. At about midnight...

Goodbye Scheveningen

By: Jess Fox

Today has been the first day at sea after an action-packed week in  Scheveningen for the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta! The new voyage crew   arrived yesterday evening and have since been trained in the...

June 2019

Scientific update #3

By: Marloes and Marcus

We’ve been trying to catch plankton, but we’ve  found so much other life in our nets too! Aside from Copepods, a plankton which look a lot like blue, white and red microplastics, which dominate our samples,...

Sirius the shipsdog


Sometimes called mankind’s oldest picture book, the constellations greet  us most evenings. By 2000 B.C., groups of stars were named after shapes  of mythical characters, heroes, animals and objects. The...

Guide to Anchor Watch

By: Justine Hardie

1. Monitor that the ship does not move out of the green radar circle:  bad things will happen. 2. Marvel at how clever the Captain is for translating many maps of  water into numbers and then factoring...

May 2019

It's a dog's life


Hello everybody, I presume that you have all read the beautiful story about my  personality from a human perspective. It made very interesting reading  but I would also like to give you a description from my...

Our visit to Ascension

By: Andy Washington

The swells were kind to us so we managed to get ashore for two days.  Last time I was here, 2 years ago, we waited at anchor 3 days & only got  to have 4 hours to explore the very small town of Georgetown. But...

Plastic Bottle

By: Marloes and Marcus

In the last couple of days, we covered many miles due to a good amount of wind. The downside of this is that we weren’t able to take daily samples because of this high wind force. Due to high speed, large waves and the...