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Too late

By: Joop

The lectures during a trip on board Europa are worthwhile. Apart from lessons on ropes and sail handling, today we listened to a talk on Oceans and Climate. In the middle of playing down and denial, there are thousands of...

Wind is back. Plankton and Microplastics trawls

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Light airs since the beginning of the new day, again make for the use of the engines to keep some speed. Together with all square canvas set, Europa gently rolls on the low swell at about 3kn, revealing a phosphorescence wake...

October 2021

Research Update

By: Regitze Andersen

After spending a few days dockedin Tenerife we embarked on our journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The first week of sailing the wind and sea state weretoo strong for trawling. So instead of trawling,...

Closing in to the Doldrums.

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Closing in to the Doldrums. Afternoon and evening of rain showers. Plankton trawl for bioluminescence study is hoisted on deck and its always surprising contents are put under cameras and microscopes just before the...

Variable easing following winds.

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Variable easing following winds. Falling into tropical calmer area Fascinating glittering of the little creatures inhabiting the ocean as Europa’s bow cuts through the low long swell welcomes us on deck during...

Don’t do it

By: Joop van der Wal

“Haul away the halyard!” may not appeal to everyone, but is does make sense to a sailor on a tall ship. Some of the commands on board wake up a naughty little schoolboy in me. I started making up some silly...

Keeping the good progress

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Keeping the good progress and opportunities for trawling on the micro-plastic research project, using the Europa as scientific platform.   The Trade Winds allow for good downwind sailing on our Southwesterly...