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Landing at the British Signy Station

By: Jordi Plana Morales

Last evening, the South Orkneys showed their unforgiving and jagged  rocky coasts battered by gale force winds and high swells. Icebergs of  any kind and shape, bergy bits and growlers seem to protect the ...

Getting the Picture

By: Ghostwriter

For this voyage the Europa has thirty-nine voyage crew, seventeen  permanent crew, and about one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three  cameras and lenses, excluding smartphones. (Ok, that might be a...

Life at an Angle

By: Ghostwriter

One thing has always bothered me about the itinerary for this voyage.  The old windjammers used the Westerlies of Roaring Forties and Furious  Fifties to travel because they provided an efficient and reliable way...

More high seas and strong winds

By: Jordi Plana Morales

After the last days of sailing close-hauled without much sailhandling  involved, today we woke up to a busy morning, that extended into a  lively evening too. Before breakfast the wind seemed to be veering...

December 2018

Noticing the Rain

By: Ghostwriter

The permanent crew on the Europa have proved remarkably impervious to  the conditions. The Voyage Crew carefully outfit themselves it hi-tech  yachting gear and discus layers of thermal warmth to brave the chills...

Horizons and Clouds

By: Wieger Homan

Close hauled sailing in Westerly directions, jibing and tacking from  South-West to the North-West and back we are zig-zagging over the  Southern Ocean, looking for the promised land that still seems to be...

The riot act

By: Ghostwriter

When I was at University, the second and third weeks of the semester  immediately after Christmas were notorious for widespread illnesses. All  the students would reconvene after spending a month back home in...

The voyage crew

By: Ghostwriter in the storm

The Voyage Crew on this trip are an varied crowd. The stated  nationalities (for there are plenty of dual nationals) are dominated by  Australians, followed by the Dutch and the British. There are also token ...

South Georgia

By: Ildiko Plaganyi

You are an isolated island Of raw unconquered beauty And katabatic western winds Your north shore is partially protected And hides coves of curiosities Testosterone fuelled Fur seals on guard Between big-eyed baby...