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10 days at sea

It appears this route is hardly used by mammals. We see many flying fish and even catch a few dorado’s, but we only see a human ship every few days, an occasional dolphin and not a single whale so far.
The ocean is completely empty and days often uneventful. Perfect, since we’re here to quiet down, think, talk and enjoy the fact that there is plenty of time for such things. And to sail, of course! We get to do plenty of sailing. The weather is pretty messed up by Irma and Jose. The weather maps look like a maze and the captain and mate are busy steering us through it, trying to find wind and avoiding too much of it. So far they managed to keep us somewhere between Beaufort 0 and 7 and more or less on course.
The sun is shining most days and we enjoy it. By now everybody on board is familiarized with each other and the mood is fine. We are now halfway to Africa, which somehow seems the best way to go
from Canada to Brazil. There we will turn and double back across the equator to Brazil.
We are having a great time! Love to all back home and see you soon.

Written by:
Robert Zant | Voyage Crew



September 15th, Happy birthday to my dearest Jan. Xxxx Lies

Liesbeth  |  15-09-2017 00:03 uur

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