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As the short northern Netherlands overcast and rainy day gradually merged into a windy nighttime, the crew emerged from different ship’s corners as they finished their maintenance projects for the journey.

A deckhouse decorated in a fashion according to those dates welcomed them for a well deserved beer. Soon afterwards a remarkable menu prepared by our cook Gjalt was served between candles and ornaments to have our festive meal around a traditionally lit up Christmas tree.

A small celebration amongst the colleagues that are one board taking care of our old lady Europa, who’s now regaining a good shape after months of maintenance. A good moment for slowing up a bit, celebrate, share and reflect on important things around us before soon sailing into the next year with enthusiasm and openness for the great unknown to come.

Despite schedules and plans laid up, those are not days for unnecessary rushing, and as said the North American writer Willa Carter, 1923 Pulitzer Prize winner: There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm, just the duality in what we have lived for most of the year while trying to adapt and overcome the challenges that 2020 keeps exposing to us all.…

Now is the fight! Just right here!
It can be won using the relevant gear
Pay attention anytime
To all the waves of your mind…

From the song Prokopton Aephanemer

Written by:
Jordi Plana Morales | Guide (ES)

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