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No Man's Land

In the so called lounge of Europa a lot of travel guides are on display. 

Going over the titles I saw Bolivia, New Zealand, Cuba, Australia, Nomansland, France… now wait a minute: Nomansland?

Yes indeed, there it was, no mistake. It might as well have been Neverland or Tomorrowland…

It was quite a volume when I picked it up from the shelf.

Opening the book I learned it was a book about Antarctica, which makes perfect sense on a ship like Europa.

The book (printed in 2021) is in Dutch and some of the stories in it took me back to 2012.

Then I sailed with Europa to Antarctica and back to Ushuaia.

I fell in love with the ship and its motion on the ocean swell.

Now, in 2021, I am back, and again: I love it!

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