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7 days Out of Horta

We had a good day of sailing until the beginning of this afternoon the wind is becoming a light air now and it is forecasted that is will stay light through the rest of the Sunday afternoon. 

Voyage crew is now running around with their Pinrail diagrams to study all the lines onboard because in a day or two the “Pinrail chase” will take place and then it is of course from great importance that you know which line is doing what and where it is belayed.  The three watches red white and blue will  compete with each other  and in this way we raise the “Greenhand” level to a bit more “Ordinary Seaman” level.  

We could have a bit more South-westerly breezes this afternoon and that will be for the first time since we past the Equator that we are sailing free. Lets hope they show up as a “Gentle Breeze”. 

“Sailing Free” means that we can just sail a course on the compass and adjusting the yards accordingly, instead of braced sharp and sail the course that the wind allows us. 


47°-29N : 013°-55W   

Partly cloudy,  Wind  NW by W 2 to 3. 

Water temp. 15.7°C 

Course 050°, Speed 3 to 4 kts   

Close hauled on Port tack  

Done  24hrs117M in 052°4,9kt Average 

Done  total  170 hrs 861 M = 5,1 Average 

Alles Wel  


Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain Bark EUROPA

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