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70 NM North of the South Shetland Islands

Hello all,

POS:  61*34,9 S 060*27,8 W
COG:  155
SOG:  5.5 kts
WND:  WSW 5 bft
Water temp: 3.1 *C

70 NM North of the South Shetland Islands. We are still sailing. During the night the winds were light and we pushed a bit with one caterpillar, but in the morning the wind picked up again and since that we're sailing in the right direction. The wind force is up and down. Sometimes with royals and middle stay-sails, sometimes without. Anyway we're getting closer and hopefully see land by the morning.

The lookouts are staring into the light night to spot the first iceberg. The night did not get dark anymore. Not even grey. All beautiful colors of the sunset stay until the sun comes up again. All of a sudden the VC finds the dog-watch acceptable :-)

In the meantime life on board goes on. People get to know each other better and better. Nice conversations find place on deck or under deck. The bio-security is almost done. The galley makes smiley faces with the nice food they make. The engineers fix things around the deck because the weather is so good. And an hour ago the first whales of the Drake were spotted! The excitement to meet Antarctica increases. Only a couple of hours and some miles more!

All are well.

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Yesss, die kun je afstrepen Ireneā€¦. Walvissen langszij, Gaaf!!

Hilde  |  06-01-2023 21:44 uur

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