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A good start


Position: 61-05S 062-57W
COG: 175T
SOG: 8.0KN

ETA Elephant Point, South Shetland Islands: 14 MAR 2023 AM

The swells have gradually gone down to just less than five meters and with the change to port tack our course became more southeast, so the waves are coming more from behind, which makes for a smooth ride with some intermittent rolling when the helms person swerves of course.

We had some light drizzle before breakfast, but by noon the sky cleared and the rest of the day was sunny. Jordi called on the voyage crew watch to count seabirds for the eBirds citizen science project and he did a seabird lecture.

In the afternoon the voyage crew was introduced to the citizen science projects of this trip by Beth and Ricky.

At the end of the day the clouds crept in and made us think that would be the end of the nice weather, but after a few rain showers the sky cleared again at midnight. Today is the third morning of us sailing on a broad reach under sunny skies. Definitely a good start.

Written by:
Eric Kesteloo | Captain

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