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A lazy sunday


It seems I forgot the report yesterday evening. I might as well do two days now, so everyone has some reading material for the sunday evening.

POS:  21'55 S  038'48SW   (yesterday 143nm NE of this)
CRS:  225'
SPD:  6 kts
WND:  NE 5bft
SEA:  Moderate
SWL:  NE moderate

Already two days with a lot of sun. Nevertheless , we left the tropics and are now in the sub-tropics. On a large scale chart it looks like we are "just popping around the corner" of Cabo de Sao Tome. In real it takes some three days. Because of civilisation (oil rig field) we have to pop around that too. A restricted area.

At the moment dead downwind presumably for another 48hrs. Then wind will shift south. Hopefully it will not be too long. 1830nm to go on shortest distance.
The entertainment department is doing overtime. All well on board.

A lazy Sunday, enjoy yours.

Rgds, Arian


Thank you Arian

margriet  |  31-10-2022 10:27 uur

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