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A sunny day, now a starry night

Good evening,

POS:  44*21,2 S 061*52,0 W
COG:  128
SOG:  6.8 kts
WND:  NNE 5-6 bft
SEA:  1.5 meter
SWL:  N'ly 1 meter
Water temp: 12.9
Air temp: 11.8

Again a sunny day, now a starry night.
The poopdeck ship is dotted like we have been in a paintball fight, only the color is white.
The dots were caused by the many birds that flew 
around us last night and morning.
As far as I people were hit. 

Although the shit made it into the wheelhouse.

Most of the close to land based birds did leave, it's now the seabirds keeping us company.
During the day sail training lessons were given and Jordi told the VC about birds.
VC starts to climb the masts and helped out furling already 
when we took the royals and middle staysails.
Lunch on deck also today :-)

We're speeding forward in the direction of South Georgia at the moment. 
Super nice sailing! There's still a few people a bit seasick, but most of the VC are smiling and enjoying themselves.
The daylight ended with some breaching whales in the distance!

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Thank you Janke ! Please keep the stories going !!! I love it, especialy because for some reason I cannot “Follow the ship” …

Laetitia Roos  |  24-11-2022 06:17 uur

Thank you for the updates!!! Wonderful to be following your incredible journey! (My brother is on the ship - Tielman Roos) Have a wonderful and safe trip with epic sailing!!!

Hettie Blom  |  23-11-2022 07:11 uur

Dank je wel Janke. heel de mooie reis ga ik je volgen. groeten aan Fleur.

margriet  |  22-11-2022 10:51 uur

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