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Action in the Drake Passage

The last couple of days the drake passage was quite gentle for us. There were waves and there was wind, but we could smoothly sail through the water. This morning during breakfast we discussed the sailing until now and came to the conclusion that we expected that the sailing would be much heavier based on the stories. Be careful what you wish for. 

The wind picked up heavily to 33 knots, which is stormy weather. Team blue had the watch and Tony and Jesse captured the fastest speed of the day: 11.4 knots. The crew decided that we had too many sails up, so it was time for action! In the heat of the storm we helped furling and bracing the sails. It was quite heavy for us, but everyone liked to help and be part, this was what we signed up for, the true sailing experience! We are almost in Antarctica and everyone is thrilled and excited to set foot on the continent. Today we had the IAATO lectures about the rules and regulations on Antarctica so we will be well prepared for the first landing tomorrow. We are looking forward to it! Almost there.....
Cheers, Joram

Written by:
Joram | Trainee



Go, blue watch!! :) (proud member of blue watch, Cape to cape trip, 2013)

Katie  |  30-01-2017 18:35 uur

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