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All the proper sails set

FRIDAY 27h of May 12:00 Ships-time (UTC)
06-30S : 016-24w
Course 305 degr, speed around 6 kts.

Proper SE tradewind force 4 to 4+

Already early in the afternoon yesterday we had all the proper sails set, so...all squares and 3 stuns'ls on Starboard.
That gave us until midnight around the 5 kts and today around the 6 kts.

The Lookouts sighted a big hunting sailfish yesterday afternoon.

Done 24hrs 138M   = 5,8 kts average
Done 25hrs 144.5M = 5,8 kts average
ToGo to the LINE 682M

Alles Wel

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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