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Almirante Brown

After the briefing many of us climbed up a snow slope to the top of the cliff known as Shag Crag, a basaltic crag (79 m high) south of Almirante Brown Station. 

Named after numerous blue-eyed shags nesting on its SW face. On the present weather conditions, the top offers an outstanding lookout point over all Paradise Bay. From there we make our way down and board the boats for a scenic tour until reaching the ship. We cruise under the same cliff we climbed, and there we see the shag colony that names the cliff itself. Afterwards some Crabeater seals are spotted as well, we steer the zodiacs between icebergs, reaching the impressive glacier front of Skontorp Cove, where many tower like seracs hung over the sea. 

As we raise our heads we can see the whole structure on the glacier, with the accumulation area up high in the mountains, the glacier tongue slowly sliding down the valleys and the calving glacier front. Europa waits for us close to this point, and from there we start the second shift of the cruise. Similar conditions and itinerary, but on that case finishing at the Brown Station and being picked up right there. Boats are hoisted on deck and after having a quiet dinner drifting in Paradise, we resume our way heading Northwards, to the gap separating Anvers and Bravant Islands, where we plan to cruise in the morning. Another great activity for this afternoon. Fantastic last full day in Antarctica, with two highlight spots visited under the sunny skies.

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