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And so we are suddenly back on the Drake again

And so we are suddenly back on the Drake again. The air is slowly getting warmer, the nights are getting darker, we have spotted dolphins again and are leaving the white continent behind us. Is it a good sign or a bad sign that you did not hear from us in a while?

It is a good sign – the days on the South Shetlands and along the Peninsula were so full of beautiful moments that it was almost impossible to go in and write home. We had calm weather and good conditions during the whole 9 days we were in Antarctica – and the calm weather even accompanied us back to the Drake. We left the land behind us on the evening of the 13th and are making good progress. The first day was silent, even giving us a glimpse of the mythical Drake Lake – a moment the roughest stretch of sea in the world turns into an oily surface. Without wind we engined patiently and calmly on one engine North – waiting for the wind to pick up. As forecasted and hoped the wind did turn to the SW and increased , and we are now sailing between a low pressure system North East of us and a high pressure system coming around the Cape and squeezing us North.

Written by:
Sarah Gerats | Expedition Guide Bark EUROPA



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margriet  |  17-01-2022 16:34 uur

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