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Another line of squalls passed

Hello all,

POS: 28* 39.0 S 114* 44.5 W         
SOG: 4.8
COG: 240
DTG: 849 NM to Pitcairn
Water temp: 22.4 C
Outside temp: 22.4 C

During the night another line of squalls passed. For many lines nothing happened, but after this line the wind did change. From North all of a sudden it backed to NNW at first and during the morning to the West. The increasing swell from the NNW did not really help to maintain a nice course. We tried it sailing, but when the course over ground went to 190 we took away the squares and started the engines. We're using engines and staysails. I don't want to lose ground so early in the trip with quite a wide variety off predicted winds, some miles to go, and a tiny island to land on in the middle of this ocean. Hopefully tomorrow the
wind shifts a bit more North and then we'll give it another try.

In the meantime the VC is learning how to move around the ship, how sails work, what it is to get seasick aloft, and many more things. The galley is making delicious food. Maybe tomorrow we can trawl with the manta. Up till now it was still too rough.

Janke Kingma
Captain bark EUROPA

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