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24th of February

For the last couple of days, Bark Europa has been alongside in the busy port of Ushuaia and from there we will start our journey tomorrow morning. We will be out at sea crossing the Drake Passage for a few days, covering roughly 600nm until we reach the South Shetland Islands.

From there we will start enjoying some time along the Antarctic coasts, some of the most pristine and remotest places on Earth. This afternoon however, it was time to get aquainted with the ship, the
cabins and with each other and slowly get into the routines of a sailing ship. First of all we got a while to spend on the windy Ship’s Main Deck, discover all corners of the Europa, introduce ourselves or enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, and tasty home-made cake. In the meantime the check-in procedures were being conducted in the ship’s library. 

With everybody on board and after the embarkation formalities were finished, the ship’s three bells were rang, signalling a gather together. This time it was for the official welcome on board talk by our captain Eric and all the crew that will sail the ship with us. A first wonderful dinner followed, made by our cooks Gjalt, Emma and Rick. When many thought we just reached the end of this exciting embarkation day, there were still a couple of activities to do. Our guides made an introduction to the ways we operate the ship, ending with a brief explanation to the general idea of our trip and newly planned itinerary.

Crew members also walked us around the ship showing the location of the different areas, safety equipment, ropes and pinrails, preparing the terrain for tomorrow’s activities and tasks. Afterwards we could enjoy a relaxed first night on board or even walk downtown to experience Ushuaia’s nightlife.

Written by:
Jordi Plana Morales | Guide

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