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Antarctica update

Hello all,

POS: 64*37.7 S 62*46.75 W
COG: variable
SOG: 1 - Drifting

WND: N'ly 2-3

A few hours now drifting after a busy day
Quite a few Miles
Two landings
Lots of Whales and all sorts of other creatures.
We passed Graham Passage, the wreck of Enterprise Island and Wilhelmina Bay.
Tomorrow Neumeijer Channel and Port Lockroy

Silence surrounds me now.
Except for my bed screaming.
I'll be obedient.


Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Fosse and Bark Europa Crew

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



Thank you Fosse.

margriet  |  05-03-2024 10:10 uur

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