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Approaching South Georgia

Good evening,

POS:  53*01,7 S 040*36,4 W
COG:  110
SOG:  4.2 kts
WND:  WNW 5 bft
SEA:  1 meter
SWL:  W'ly 2 meter
Water temp: 4
Air temp: 5.2

Approaching South Georgia. We had some beautiful visitors that came to welcome us today. Fur seals, king penguins and whales. It was a day full of wildlife. And...on top of that we saw the first ice bergs! After many days of mostly spotting waves on the lookout now the watches have something to report.

Everybody on board slowly gets exciting about the coming land sighting. In the deck-house lists are made of who thinks when we are going to see land and when we drop anchor for a first landing. I shared that we can also land with the ship drifting. This raised some eyebrows, and maybe some will change their dates on the list. Some voyage crew warned each other not to bribe the officers to change the outcome...but of course we are unbribable. If that is a word.

We just sail the ship until we're 
there where we want to go :-) and drop an anchor when we have want drop. Not so much because it's time, but more because the situation is there. Directed by wind and weather. At most of the questions asked about 
timing, arrival and more of that, we will answer in a slight speculative way... Not because we don't have an idea, but because we never know if it will happen as if we would tell. And if you tell something that will not happen in the way you told, you will have to un-tell. Or re-tell. 

Better to keep the mystery and lift the curtains at the start of the show.

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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