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Back at sea!

We’re back at sea! The last two days everybody except a skeleton crew was allowed to go ashore and explore the island. Saint Helena is rather a small place with about one thousand incredibly friendly people. Apart from a rather barren nature (thanks to my Dutch woodchopping forebears) it has a few things everyone should see, like Napoleons house and grave, Jonathan the tortoise, the oldest living landcreature on earth, there is the challenge of the Devil’s Staircase, which goes from Jamestown straight up a 180 meters. None of us seemed to be able to break the record of 5’28”.

We heaved anchor and sailed off without the use of the engines, always a beautiful sight for those on shore and the island press that followed us with a boat and a drone.

Soon life on board fell back in its trusted routine. Among the first things that are worked on is the preparing of the studding sails, the additional “side-sails” you see on photographs. We will probably be needing them considering the mere eight knots of wind that are being forecasted in days to come.

For now, the speed is seven knots and our heading has changed from Northwest to West, aiming for Brazil. The visit to Saint Helena has been good, but all are glad to be moving again.

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