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Calm sea-state

Good evening,

POS:  59*25,9 S 046*04,7 W
COG:  235
SOG:  5.4 kts
WND:  WSW 3 bft
SEA:  1 meter
Water Temp: 1.2
Outside temp: 0.0

Approaching the 60's. After a full day under engines we're getting closer to the Antarctic Peninsula.  There has not been a moment today that we didn't see a big Tabular iceberg on the radar. The biggest measured at least over 3 NM in width. Impressive to sail by. The wind has decreased and therefore our speed increased. Nice to book progress. On board everybody is kind of relaxing in the calm sea-state we have at the moment. For a bit we don't have to hold on with every step, no harness's on deck, the hotpot in the galley stays in place, the bread doe doesn't start flying, and many more things that make life on board a bit easier.

In the daytime we'll start the bio-security process for Antarctica. The calm weather gives all opportunity to prepare for the upcoming visit. Where and when will get clearer the upcoming days. Look forward to that!

All well on board, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Thank you Janke.

margriet  |  14-12-2022 13:17 uur

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