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Calming Seas

The last two days were very interesting. 

Everything you do takes extra planning and care when the ship throws you sideways all the time. Sleeping on the high side of the cabin, all in front, wasn't the best position to be in these last days. Janke (2nd mate) told me to put as much clothes underneath my mattress as possible, creating a ramp that should prevent falling out of bed during the night. Either way, the ship kept trying to force me out of my bunk. Buckets were handed out again, but luckily the majority of us have got a minor form of 'sea legs' now. When waking up this morning at 3.30 am for another watch, the sea had finally started to calm down. The sun was just about to rise and we were rewarded with a very nice morning. The longing feeling for land the early polar adventurers must have had, I understand that now.


A shame, no article to read in log. Can you put it in?

Marjan van Buggenum  |  02-12-2016 19:06 uur

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