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Our warm gentle trade wind sailing came to an abrupt end yesterday morning with the passage of a 30 knot cold front. Conveniently the change arrived in the daylight at our 0800 change of watch with most of the crew on deck and the light weather sails were quickly brought down and furled before the wind increased.

As the wind changed from the North to the South the rain pelted down and there had to be some quick work to brace the yards. After more than a week of barely touching the sheets or the braces everyone enjoyed the contrast of the rough weather. Luckily we are not further South as there is a very strong low pressure system which is bringing more than 50 knots of wind off the coast of Montevideo.

We are currently sailing towards the Brazilian coast hoping that the wind will back more to a South easterly direction and we can continue on our way towards Uruguay. The murder game that has been very entertaining over the last few days came to a climax with Gjalt, our cook, the final winner. All are well and happy on board.


Hey Rossco you should write a book. Good sailing to all onboard.

Trevor  |  03-11-2016 23:21 uur

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