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Change of weather

Hi all,

Position: 62-55S 058-35W Bransfield Strait
COG: 100T
SOG: 1.5KN

ETA Madder Cliffs/Kinnes Cove: 17 MAR 2023 AM

Yesterday we managed to do two landings in Deception. The hike around the Telefon Bay crater let to splendid views from the top. Little Europa sitting in sunlight in the corner of giant Port Foster. There was barely any wind and it even felt warm.

In the afternoon we payed a visit to Whalers Bay. The return to the ship for dinner also marked the end of sunny weather, with a big windshift and horizontal snow. This didn't kill the mood on board however.

The grib forecast showed a windshift to the Northwest coming up and indeed this happened right after the 8-o-clockie. We picked up the anchor and sailed out of Port Foster and into the dark towards the Antarctic Sound. We managed to sail halfway accross the Bransfield Strait before the wind left us and we are now just bobbing up and down, while whales, seals and penguins take turns paying us a visit. Although it is overcast here, we can see the Antarctic mainland bathing in sunlight 30 miles from here.

Photo by Arnoud Apituley

Written by:
Eric Kesteloo | Captain

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