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Cook’ Peep Hole

One of the many delights on Europa is to spend a while looking closely at any detail, internal or external of the ship so as to appreciate the extraordinary thought that has been applied into every aspect of her design, and the fine execution of the design through the use of quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Another delight is the food, which at breakfast and lunch time is laid out on a table inside the lounge. Such is the eager throng around the table that it could be difficult for the amazing galley staff to get direct access to the table to check how fast the contents of the dishes are being depleted.

However, above the food table there is an internal porthole between the corridor and the lounge. The smiling face of Sasha, Europa’s Assistant Cook, frequently appears at this porthole during meal times, systematically scanning the levels of food in each receptacle, without Sasha having to even enter the busy room. An example of the detailed design of Europa!

Written by:
Andy Coatsworth | Voyage Crew



Love the photo of a lovely table set for hungry folk! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy

Jacqueline Wallis  |  08-12-2017 15:17 uur

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