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Crabs and hiking in Puerto Williams

The world's southernmost town looked sleepy in the morning time when we landed there on zodiacs.

King crab and fish soup

The world's southernmost town looked sleepy in the morning time when we
landed there on zodiacs. Most of shops were closed, the bank was open
but the only ATM in town did not work temporarily. The next closest one
to get Chilean pesos would be in Punta Arenas so getting money for lunch
required some negotiations and a small operation to get our passports to
the bank for money withdrawals. The problem was solved, and some of us
enjoyed a local king crab for lunch, the others found local fish soup
(the rumour tells the soup was excellent, and provided some
entertainment as well as it was like a fish puzzle: all parts were in
the pot and you could almost compile the whole fish back together on
your plate!).

Mountain climb

After lunch we packed into the bus that transported us to starting point
to the hikes. The mountain walk was beautiful. We climbed through
changing forest nature, the trees at the base of the hill were large and
heavy, with thick trunks. The woodpeckers were having a feast on the old
trees. Higher up the forest changed into smaller, drier trees that had
bended and curved along the prevailing winds. Some of these highland
forest patches felt quite eerie, with the sound of the bending tree
trunks. On the top of the mountain, above tree line it was quite windy
and the view to the Beagle channel was magnificent. The tired but happy
hikers were loaded back into the bus and brought back on board for dinner.

Happy birthday

During 8-O'clockie we had yet another reason to celebrate: Our favourite
cook Rensje had a birthday so there was a delicious apple cake, presents
and singing, as any great birthday party should!

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