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Dankjewel! (Big Thanks)

The journey to Antartica was supposed to be the adventure of our lifetime. Having such modest expectations is usually not a good thing, since generally reality cannot meet up to such expectations. However, this trip with the Bark Europa to Antarctica exceeded my expectations on all fronts. 

The crew did a fantastic job, the food was delicious and the scenary beyond imagination. We went from one highlight to another, with for me the rock at Paradise Bay as the most memorable one. Looking back at such a wonderful trip you come to realise that it takes a lot of hard work, persistence and courage of the crew to make this all happen. Therefore I would like to thank you all for your commitment and your dedication:

- Matt, Jelte, Selene, Merle, Krista, Djimon, Ewan and Elsa to keep the ship going through the night and when it gets tough and for all the other million things you did on the ship (like Matt playing guitar on the loveboat) You guys did a great job as a team! Big compliment to you! 

- Eric and Elskarin for keeping us safe through all the dangers we are not even aware of. We did not see you very often, but you always kept an eye open for everyone. We know you are there if things become difficult, which gives a pleasent feeling.

- Annukka for the guiding, lectures and the sharing of your knowledge and research - Gjalt and Roos for your creativity, taste and cooking skills. The food was wonderful! - Mafu for your guidance, your unlimited patience learning us the knots in the deckhouse and bringing us to Harberton

- Peer for his humor, his stories and the occasional drinks:-) -Jos for keeping us comfortable. You have done all the work we do not see, but has to be done to keep the ship going. - The voyage crew for sharing experiences, laughs and wonderful moments. - Last but definitely not least Jordi plan A for your unlimited enthusiasm, your humor and safely leading the way in a continent where there are risks in every corner.

The experiences you gave us are unbeatable! I hope you guys will keep on going so you can give more people the opportunity to experience the joy of sailing on the Bark Europe and the greatness of the Antarctic continent. Once again, thanks to everyone who made this possible, Cheers, Joram


Well said, Joram; I can imagine that our visit to Paradise Bay was most memorable to you :-) Lots of luck!!

Sytze Kingma  |  15-02-2017 14:28 uur

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