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Day 3 on the Drake

Hello all,

POS: 59*13 S 60*41 W
COG: 150
SOG: 6,8

WND: SW 5-6

Day 3 on the Drake.

Waiting for that wind shift.
Patiently waiting.

We would like to go to Antarctica
but the wind likes it more if we would go to Australia.

Squalls run by.
The barometer rises after a small dip.
Slowly slowly the wind turns, she veers

And just when you think that wind shift is finally there
Ready to turn the wheel South and celebrate.
just then the wind turns back again.
Patience, perseverance, Anticipation
Count your blessings and question the next.

The present is the outcome of a hopeful calculation
the future is the interrogation
and the past a colourful interpretation.

Such a lovely Cat and Mouse game.
This is exactly why I love this job.

You can't trick nature for too long. You can't force her, You can't tell
her there is a giraffe on the other side of the street and quickly make
a run.

At the moment there is about 22 to 30 knots of wind, The Sea state is
fair with a 2,5 to 3 meter swell - short and fresh.
We're Sailing close haul with the following set of sails.

The staysails:
The Outer Jib, Inner Jib, Fore staysail, Dekzwabber, Desmond, and Spanker.

The Squares:
Upper and Lower Topsail and the Course on the Foremast
And also the same set on the Main mast.

With this set, she won't roll too much and let plough the waves more than
to be a ballerina jumping from wave to wave.

Tomorrow night we'll meet the new Continent.
Ready for some icy-adventures.

Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

📷 Arnoud Apituley

Written by:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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