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Deception Island

Sometimes when one comes to Deception Island – the shores are steaming and the subtle smell of sulfur is welcoming you on shore. Other times – at high tide – nothing points in the direction of the water being warm. Those days the black island is covered in fog, the snow is falling in horizontal lines and the wind rules out all dreams of swimming. This evening – it is exactly like that. We´ve had a long day with two nice landings and some good hikes. The weather has been exceptionally nice in the morning, calm and sunny, turning more Deception like in the afternoon -  overcast and windy. And the evening – is the evening. We´ve all had dinner, good dinner as always, and dessert – nice dessert as always – it was warm in the deckhouse – very warm as usual – and we are all quite satisfied and a little tired after the amount of sun and wind we got during the day. Inside –  actually rather nice. Outside – like a stormy autumn day. We are in Pendulum Cove. And in Pendulum Cove one
swims. Because sometimes the tide is low, and the seawater mixes with the volcanic heated water – creating a perfect warm bath. Even though it blows. And rains. And snows. The tide is not low now. It is very high. What can one do? Come to this place, and just return to the ship? Disappointed, a little silent. Having missed the opportunity to swim. Better to come back with slightly cold feet and a rush of adrenaline. After all, one only spends about a minute in the water, ten minutes to dress up, and the whole evening enjoying having done it. Off with the clothes, a bit more snow. We swim. Because sometimes the water is hot here. Not now – maybe never -  it could just be an expedition leaders joke – but we swim. We did!

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STOER Geweldig.

margriet.  |  28-01-2019 13:15 uur

Bravo ! Inoui ! Merci beaucoup pour ce récit

Sophie Bousdira  |  28-01-2019 09:02 uur

Grant yourselves no regrets ! I salute you :o}

lotte  |  26-01-2019 13:48 uur

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