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Deception Island

We sailed to Deception Island today which is a volcanic island. At first we landed in “Telefon Bay” and saw boiled (by the geothermal hot water) Seaweed and Krill on the shore; a few members also noticed a Weddell seal.

We then explored in and around Telefon Bay, splitting into two groups: one mainly focused on walking all the routes and the other taking its time and learning more about the land we were hiking on.

We climbed round Cross Hill observing the crater in the middle which turned out to be one of the points that used to have volcanic eruptions.

Later in the Evening we sailed down to the old whaling station still on Deception Island and explored that area and some folk looked around “Neptune’s Window” which had a remarkable view.

We left the Island now and on course for the next part of our journey…

Written by:
Alex Maciver | Kent Scouts

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