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Departure Scheveningen

Starting a journey requires letting go of what ties you to the place
where are at that moment. After the last goodbyes and little presents, the
crew of Europa starts to untie the umbilical cords with Scheveningen.

When the final line is cast off and taken on board the old lady moves
herself away from shore and heads for the harbour exit. Europa is a
sailing ship, but the wind has decided not to cooperate today. Some
sails are raised, or rather lowered, but only the engines make the ship
go forward. We head out west to the somewhat further away shipping lanes
so as to avoid having to cross the approach to Rotterdam Harbour.

lunch a canvas is hung over the main deck to provide some shadow. By
then the Dutch coast has already sunk below the horizon. Goodbye
Holland, hello sea!

Written by:
Joop | Voyage Crew

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