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Many stories have been written about the good food on board and all the hard work that is done in the galley. There are not so many words you can add to make clear that it is hard work and that the food is good and delicious, every day again! Every day there is breakfast, morning coffee with cookies, lunch, afternoon coffee and tea with cookies, afternoon drink with snacks and ofcourse dinner with dessert. About 6 deadlines per day they have to take care off. Ofcourse they are not alone and the crew helps out wherever they can and if the weather allows, the meals will be served outside. Extra special.


Hear, hear!!!

Mats Svensson  |  08-11-2016 09:26 uur

Mooi geschreven Harko, een Ster ⭐️voor allen in de kombuis X

Dieuwertje  |  05-11-2016 11:27 uur

Well done Harko and extremely well deserved. X

Trevor  |  03-11-2016 23:17 uur

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