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Discovering the White Continent on board EUROPA

Ever dreamt of journeying to Antarctica like the early explorers? Join us on an unforgettable sailing expedition to witness the ever-changing beauty of this southernmost continent. The landscape transforms throughout the season, offering unique experiences in every month. Here's a sneak peek of what awaits:

🗓 Late Oct & Nov: Unforgetable Wildlife Encounters

  • Landscape: Brace yourself for a white world! Snow blankets the landing sites, creating a magical white wonderland.
  • Weather: Witness the final sunsets of the season with temperatures hovering around the freezing point. Be prepared for a touch of Antarctic snowfall!
  • Wildlife: The excitement builds as adult penguins return to shore, busy building nests and seeking mates. While whale sightings are also a possibility.

⛵️ Recommended sailing voyage: Scotia Arc Expedition

🗓 December: Midnight Sun & Hatchlings

  • Landscape: The snow starts to recede, revealing patches of bare ground as the last sea ice melts away.
  • Weather: Bask in the wonder of the midnight sun, with a full 24 hours of daylight. Temperatures remain around freezing point or just above.
  • Wildlife: The penguin colonies erupt in activity! Adult penguins diligently incubate their eggs, with the first chicks hatching by late December. Keep your eyes peeled for whales, whose appearances become more frequent this time of year.

⛵️ Recommended sailing voyage: 22-day Antarctica Expedition

🗓 January: Penguin Chicks

  • Landscape: Most landing sites are now free of snow.
  • Weather: The midnight sun continues, with temperatures hovering around freezing or a bit above.
  • Wildlife: Witness the adorable penguin chicks as they emerge from their nests under the watchful eyes of their parents. Whales become even more abundant, providing incredible viewing opportunities.

⛵️ Recommended sailing voyage: 22-day Antarctica Expedition

🗓 February: Penguin Paradise & Changing Tides

  • Landscape: Penguin guano transforms some landing sites into a bit muddy, a testament to the thriving colonies.
  • Weather: Long sunsets mark the gradual shift towards shorter days. Temperatures remain around freezing point or dip slightly below.
  • Wildlife: Curious penguin chicks take their first wobbly steps on land, adding another layer of charm to the penguin colonies. Whale sightings are still at their peak, offering unforgettable encounters.

⛵️ Recommended sailing voyage: 22-day Antarctica Expedition

🗓 March: Farewell & Winter's Return

  • Landscape: The landscape becomes increasingly muddy as penguin colonies continue to thrive.
  • Weather: Long sunsets hint at the approaching winter, with shorter days and a higher chance of snowfall and storms. Temperatures stay around freezing point or dip below.
  • Wildlife: As most adult penguins head back to sea for food, a smaller number remain caring for chicks. Whales are still present, offering a final chance for spectacular sightings.

⛵️ Recommended sailing voyage: Penguin to Flamingo Expedition

🗓 Year-Round Wonders

No matter when you visit, you can expect to see:

  • Glaciers & Icebergs: Towering glaciers and awe-inspiring icebergs dot the landscape.
  • Feeling the Chill: While the average temperature hovers around freezing, wind and humidity can make it feel colder. Be sure to check our packing list!
  • Seabirds & Seals: Keep your eyes peeled for seabirds soaring through the air and playful seals basking on the Antarctic Peninsula. Don't miss the majestic king penguin colonies on South Georgia Island during our Scotia Arc Expedition or the Penguin to Flamingo voyage!

🐧 Join Bark EUROPA and embark on your own Antarctic adventure!

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